Gurus: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Five

Abundance by Wayne DyerThere’s been a wonderful abundance of inspirational gurus in my life, too many to mention. The three who I would try not to miss were they talking live in London are Wayne Dyer, Michael Neill & Martha Beck. Here’s why:

I love to hear Dr Wayne talk, and boy can he talk! I’ve crammed into some very uncomfortable venues to hear his wisdom and streamed plenty more online. The book of his I have enjoyed most and found most useful in my life is Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting. From here I learned to go to sleep every night praying my I AMs, a habit I continue to this day, and I always use that format when writing my daily affirmations too.

Using these I AMs I healed my left arm from some particularly frightening damage sustained during a visit to the vet with Mitsy and this caused my woo woo friend Sharon to see my green healing aura when I intoned I AM Healed, I AM Healed quite powerfully that summer when showing her how I’d done it.

Wayne is a self-confessed former alcoholic, the disease which plagues my family. As he tells it, he decided to give up drinking on my own birthday and then put his decision into action a couple of weeks later on my brother’s birthday and this has always seemed significant to me, an energetic connection more than coincidence if you will, and I will. The DVD I love best of Wayne’s work – and he’s very prolific – is The Shift as it is known in the UK, better titled From Ambition to Meaning in the USA. My own personal journey from ambition to meaning is one I have been taking in his footsteps.

michael-neill-300x229Michael Neill is my next guru on this list simply because Michael was my coach in 2006/07, in fact it was him who helped me out of my day job, hidebound as I had been by duty, probably misplaced. I try to get to almost everything Michael does live, I think he’s great from the stage and you may enjoy his TEDx Talk from Bend, Indiana. My favourite books of Michael’s – and there are so many to choose from – are Supercoach and The Inside Out Revolution which I reviewed on Amazon and here on my own blog.

Michael is the only person online whose marketing funnel I have worked my entire way through from free to his top priced product, 1-2-1 coaching, via an intimate retreat with him on the beach in Mexico way back before that. This is how I know marketing yourself online as a coach works, because I bought it – all!

Martha BeckWhich brings me to Martha Beck, she who wants me for a Shaman. I think I have only seen Martha live once but I have devoured everything she’s ever written. One of my clients is studying to be a coach with Martha. #DeepEnvy. Martha’s best book, for me, is one of her auto-biographical ones and I’ve read all of those too. Expecting Adam is one of those I keep on my kindle and re-read whenever the urge comes upon me, and come upon me it does regularly.

I learned some of my best life lessons from Adam, Martha’s son who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome in utero and made his presence felt in her life from the moment of conception onwards in a series of miracles which Martha the Harvard alumna found difficult to comprehend initially but these went on to change the course of her life forever. Do not miss Expecting Adam or her introducing me also to the concept of the Pray Rain journal.

So much abundance today; the more I look for, the more I see. No surprises there, then.

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