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I saw this lovely meme float by on Facebook and shared it on my page. I am not sure who the originator is but I do love the message because this is a nice short way of explaining what I do with my clients and what my upcoming book is all about.

Today I feel like I could achieve anything. I do not feel that every day by any means, but I realise I do feel it more days than not. And I believe it about all of us.

I’m not sure about the use of the word “brainwashing”, but then I would be sensitive to a word here and there and I’m not one to let a niggly detail spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar when the rest of her is seaworthy, and then some. Gosh, very naval today.

The key thing here is that I do believe we all have the capacity to achieve anything. And, from time to time that goes AWOL, especially if the questions you’ve sent me for my book and the ones you are sending in to Ask Judith are anything to go by.

We all get lost now and again, don’t we?

I’ve been lost and I’ve been found, as it were. But I realise I have ended up with a very powerful belief that I can achieve anything. It is now a deeply embedded unshakeable Judith-thing, part of my identity. And I passionately believe it on your behalf too, no brainwashing required. As if.

Finding ways to believe in yourself, a bit like the thing I’ve said on our podcast today about how finishing a hard book makes me feel like a winner, is something I think I’ve been engaged in for about twenty years, maybe longer. For myself, and for my clients. And I notice how it can go missing for some of us some of the time or even all of the time, especially when we go through a life change such as from employment to self-employment. Or starting up your biz and finding it more challenging than you thought, so it’s taking longer and feeling lonely and scary.

This is what I do. This is what I help you to achieve in your own right. This is who you become through employing yourself for money. I can see this when I look at my clients, at least one of whom appears in the book sharing her own wisdom in answer to one of the questions. And seeing it in others eventually allows you to see it in yourself or, more accurately, seeing others just being all-around wonderful eventually helps you to know that about yourself because they see that in you. I see that in you. And the inevitable conclusion is that you see that in you too and know it and embrace it until it becomes just who you are. A new and improved you. A self-improved you. I’m just your facilitator and cheerleader who took this on trust about you and fanned the flames.

Now is always a wonderful time for us to commence on this journey together, for you to hang out with me. Are you ready? I SO am.

If so, here’s a link to a recent newsletter in which I explain how to choose between working solo with me or PWYW ad hoc, and how to work out which group is right for you depending on whether you think you are a beginner or intermediate which may depend on whether you are a groupie or a Star, and also upon your budget.

Any questions? All you have to do is ask. And you can do that by simply using the Contact form here at my website or PM me via Facebook if that’s where you are reading this.

Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

Your Biz Your Way

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