Happy Lives Happy Businesses

Woman and young girl embracing outdoors smilingIt is obvious to me again today, from the weekly check-ins of my clients in the Club 100, that we need to choose happy lives first in order to be able to create happy businesses.

Clients are choosing to work much shorter days so that they can prioritise their health, their family and their hobbies and interests. They are choosing effortlessness and ease. They are intending to manifest space and love and money in the bank while choosing to ‘carry on feeling awesome’. They are exploring their higher purpose and electing to inhabit their ‘zone of genius’. All their words, not mine. And do you know what? It only works!

What I notice is that what they enjoy gets done, week after week. And that what they don’t like or what they fear remains lurking on the To Do list forever. We cannot force ourselves to do those things, it seems.

So then… the game is to do what we love and allow a different nature of  business to emerge from that and one which doesn’t rob all the joy out of it for us.

Don’t overthink it would be my advice. Believe it’s possible and follow your bliss as much as you dare. The brilliant thing about being in a group is that you can see others allowing this to manifest in their lives and this allows the more cautious to see it’s possible, and to observe precedent. And to take heart from that.

When you feel good and happy and well, you tend to drop into flow more easily and so you do the stuff you love (and some of the other trickier stuff too) and get great results. You become magnetic and draw great people and fabulous opportunities to you. It isn’t always like that all of the time. Some rough comes in to balance out all that smooth, to keep it real. But you are more likely to be able to manage the bumps with the energy in the bank derived from all that good stuff.

Even to my ears it sounds a bit counter-intuitive. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating and there’s plenty of happy pie being enjoyed round me today. That’s all I need to know. As ever, I take great inspiration from my own clients. They teach me what I most need to know. And right now, they’re teaching me to choose a happy life.

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