Health + Wealth + Mindset = Happiness

Neon heartI’m doing a little clutter clearing today and found this thank you card from a lovely client and friend. I’m recording what she says here for all time and for the warm fuzzies and also keeping it anonymous because I haven’t asked her permission to share this private note.

Dearest Judith, thank you for being my coach, mentor and friend. For many years now you’ve been a consistent positive and loving influence in my life, even when you’ve not been aware of it. Through you I have learned much about the mechanics and psychology of money and how to apply them in effective and valuable ways. With you I have deepened my love of many things including writing, Cashflow 101, met fabulous people and had fun. And now, because of you, I’m stepping my toe (or tongue!) into the intriguing and health-filled world of juicing which previously I’d refused even to consider. I’ve only been juicing for one week but I’m hooked already! Health + Wealth + Mindset = Happiness.

Judith, Beloved, you have and abundantly share all of these precious ingredients and I’m grateful that you are a part of my life. With much love…

And if you are reading this, Generous One, Abundance Queen, back atcha. Happy 2014 to you and I sincerely hope you know how much I appreciate you in my life also. x

Your Biz Your Way

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