Hearing The True Call

I was working with Tom Evans, the Bookwright, on Friday and, between us, we came up with lots of brilliant ideas or lightbulb moments as Tom calls them on his Tweet about the session.

We also came up with a new category for my blog called Three Things in which I will state three things I am grateful to have received and three things I intend to create, so that in effect I am manifesting my dream life in real time.   Tom said it would be useful if I could use the language which relates to three different chakras or “minds” i.e. I want (gut), I love (heart) and I think/believe (brain) at least I think that’s what he said!    I will use that format until he corrects me by comment below.

So, here goes with my first entry.

Three things I am grateful for tonight:

  1. The chance to spend four hours with Tom on Friday, just playing Woo Woo, creating new stuff.
  2. Being a guest yesterday at a talk by Bill Cumming, “Mr Unconditional Love” as Marie Taylor calls him.
  3. That today I was completely alone; I love the luxury of a day to my own peaceful thoughts which I am especially enjoying right now on a gorgeous summer’s evening.   And I’d like more of those please.

And three things which I intend to manifest:

  1. I want to be entirely debt free both, both good and bad, by 31st March 2011.
  2. I’d love to have one million pounds cash in the bank by 31st July 2011.
  3. I believe I know how I’m going to do both of those and I will let you watch me do it here, in real time,  as it happens.

The story doesn’t end there.

Inspired by some work I’ve been doing with one of my clients, Sharon, on her own property business, on creating the banking arm of TheMillionEntrepreneurs and other matters arising, I received this thought in an email from Sharon dated 16th July passing on a concept from Stuart Wilde, one of her favoured gurus: “He recommends de baggaging yourself.  Once you are free you can hear the true call.  He recommends getting rid of mortgages, loans, houses, shares, ideas, books, clutter, and not to worry about the consequences.

Sharon goes on to say she thinks it is easier said than done. On reflection, I don’t agree. I think it will be easy to do and I propose to begin immediately.

I have been formulating thoughts ever since that email, during the session with Tom on Friday and the day with Bill & Marie yesterday and in my dreams about how to do this.   I have financial plans in train which may take up to a year to put me in a place where I have tiny overheads and they are all met by income from my property portfolio.

So that would clear out all my mortgages, loans, credit cards and a lot of financial transactions.

I believe I can streamline my five UK limited companies into just one IBC (international business corporation).    The number of transactions, the number of bank accounts and requirement for accounting will accordingly be cut by about 80%, ditto paperwork.

Any financial worries or concerns will completely disappear – actually they have already started to dissipate big time.

Those who know me will also know that I am minimalist, I dont believe in clutter. Yet even I could get rid of more of Stuart Wilde’s “baggage” in the form of books, photos, files of old paperwork and a couple of crates of work materials.  My new ipad will completely replace the need for books or bookshelves for me, scanning can probably take account of all the rest of the storage.

So creating a new life of less and total freedom to just get up every day and serve is my new focus.   Over the coming weeks I will be re-vamping this blog to reflect my new way of operating in the world.

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  1. Anne says:

    Hi Judith
    This is inspirational…love the idea of 3 things to be grateful for and 3 things to create…and the idea of debaggaging yourself. Am looking forward to hearing about your journey!

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