Cristina: Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart

Cristina PalmaOne of my clients (who is ideal in SO many ways) sent me this unsolicited testimonial this week, just as she was renewing for a second year:

“Dear Judith,

It’s been over year since we started working together, you as my coach/master/supervisor. I have enjoyed the journey with you, feeling supported during the rough times of my business journey, encouraged when it comes to my creativity, but even better, expanding on my ideas and projects making my identity as a life coach.

One of the things that I love most about working with you is the enormous support I get through the various platforms you use, Skype meetings, Facebook groups, Mondays drop-in conversations, and instant feedback almost on everything and anything I post on the business support group (well, that is more than one, really!!).

I feel at home every time we speak, I feel accompanied and challenged in a way I don’t even notice, you persist on making ME see what it needs to be done and watch me patiently coming to terms with it.

Always supportive and available, very flexible and adaptable, and wisely knowledgeable not only about business, but about life and all the intricacies this brings on the journey of becoming genuinely happy with my life.

It is for these reasons I have decided to continue the journey with you and renew my commitment to work with you hand in hand, heart to heart for a whole new year. Much love, Cristina”

Currently Cristina is vlogging everyday on YouTube. Check out her own personal style, wisdom and creativity by subscribing to her YouTube Channel.

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