Heather Waring is our Guest: Podcast Ep 186

Heather Waring is our guest today and her business is WomenWalkingWomenTalking. She’s walked the Camino de Santiago, the Great Wall of China and the Pilgrims’ Way and many shorter more local walks too.

We expected her to talk to us about the benefits of walking or how coaching while walking is a dream but no, Heather had other plans. She decided to talk to us about How to Pee in the Wild, all very Bear Grylls though there was no talk (if memory serves) of us drinking it. Phew.

Apparently many people, especially women of a certain age, are put off the longer walks by worrying about when they will find the next loo, but Heather teaches Nicola and me and the listener how to pee in the wilderness and how to get over ourselves and discover how freeing that is! I am not convinced I shall ever find that out myself first-hand but never say never, and I am prepared to take Heather at her humorous word, not least because I’ve known her forever and she’s been coaching even longer than moi.

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In other news, our words of the week are Optimism (mine) and Surprises (hers).

I start out by telling Nicola I’ve had a difficult week health-wise, The Lurg, hay fever and a few sleepless nights which have made me not want to get up ery much in the mornings, but now that I am up today I feel as good as I’ve felt since this time last week. She tells me her bestie from England has surprised her with a visit to Stoupa and that at a recent meetup in the UK, Kim kept schtum as she wanted it to be a surprise, thus N’s choice of word of the week. Not all surprises are good ones. This one is. I’ve met Nicola’s pal Kim and she’s lovely.

Our respective fires have been fuelled by 100% focus on Just One Thing (I love it when she or anyone does that, results pour in) and I’ve been focussed too on converting three web leads which came in last week and which can only be put down to Charlotte’s excellent SEO. One of them was from LBC emailing me during a live radio show and asking me to be on it! And the other two were from an accountant wanting to grow his business and a woman with three dance studios.

Sadly it was not possible to be on LBC due to the lateness of their invitation but they did give us a topic which we will make Focus of a future show: What Does It Take to Be Successfully Self-Employed in 2018? Ooh!

And, on the topic of SEO and Charlotte, we decide to invite her for interview so we can grill her about SEO best practice in 2018. She’s agreed. Bliss. More follows on this topic and it won’t be too long a wait either.

When it comes to Project Updates, I have nothing to report; book sales have fallen off a cliff. But Nicola is very upbeat about the possibilities of Amazon Alexa Skills for her biz as she’s had 50 downloads from that so far and she’s only in her first week of doing it. She loves a new thing.

Our final section is our longest today (apart from our talk with Heather). Nicola talks about Ryan Levesque’s interview with James Schramko on his SuperFast Business blog. James has coached Ryan for some time and the discussion is around going from $1m to $10m turnover and Ryan and his wife’s response to their first million dollar day in business. She then reminds us about the 9-word email as recommended by Dean Jackson and finally Justin Brooke’s New Thing which is a 10-day Instagram Stories challenge.

I tell Nicola how much I enjoyed the BBC documentary about Germaine Bloody Greer (their title not mine) at 79, and why. And then about two business deals I have seen up for sale which are property-related and both offered for a similar amount and how they each make money in a unique way – one is a toll bridge and one a luxury holiday home.

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