Helping A New Coach to Market Herself

Yesterday I spoke to a prospective new client in New York, which also just happens to be one of my very favourite places in the world.   My colleague is anticipating the arrival of her coaching certificate at the end of January and is already beginning to think about marketing herself. She admitted that there was very little advice given to her during her course about how to create a business around her new-found coaching skills.

This lady found me via another fabulous client who referred her onto me in answer to the question “you market yourself very well online, who taught you how to do that?”

This is one of the things where I am right in the centre of my authenticity, since it’s something I’ve done, loved to do and love to teach other coaches to do, especially calibre women like these two.

The Top Bird in New York City has a head start in that she is a writer already and has blogged in her previous careers and she has a profile on Google. So all we need to do to begin with is replicate those two skills she already has in her new niche.

Niching is something which is given a lot of attention in the world of a new coach. My client was confused about hers. I was able to help her gain some clarity and excitement, connecting her in with her brave and adventurous side and wrote afterwards to say she couldn’t wait for her kids to go to bed so she could start creating web content. She ended up excited by the possibilities of marketing herself and she says she’s fascinated to learn marketing.   Hurrah! Music to my ears.

This fascination and enthusiasm to learn marketing is her secret weapon because a new coach only needs to do two things: Marketing and Coaching. Coaching and Marketing. When she’s not doing one, she must be doing the other. My client in New York has six hours a day when her boys are at school, and those six hours must be filled with Marketing and Coaching. Without Marketing there will be no Coaching.

So, I’d be interested to hear your stories of marketing yourself as a coach. Have you tried it? What worked for you? What would it take for you to learn to love marketing, to be fascinated with it? Do leave a comment which in turn creates a link back to your own website which is – ahem – a tiny little bit of marketing!

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