How Are You Blocking Abundance? Podcast Ep 218

How are you blocking the flow of abundance to you? Nicola and I brainstorm a list of the ways in which we do this and those we see others and our clients and listeners doing too. They include:

  • the idea of money being a game
  • being brainwashed at school
  • not being willing to forego time and fun now for later return
  • clutter getting in the way of clarity of purpose
  • not wanting to do better than those you love so you protect them by playing small
  • there being no scarcity in your home thanks to the income of your other half

And many more. Which one(s) is/are yours?

Do pop into our Own It! Facebook Group and share. Let’s get a discussion going to we can help you to open up your flow.

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In other news, Nicola is preparing for what is fast becoming her annual trip to Oz. She thought she was speaking in Sydney where she had arranged to stay with her brother, Alex, but turns out she’s expected in Brisbane! Fortunately, flights are cheap and she can stay in the Airbnb booked by her host. I fill her in on some astrology stuff, Mercury Retro during her travels (yikes) and Uranus moving into my star sign of Taurus today, the date of recording, 6th March, a first in 84 years – wow!

We’ve both been doing some channelled writing this week, and Nicola’s also entered a few short story competitions. She’s discovered Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and become obsessed with scriptwriting as a possibility and even started to download loads of ideas and words and stories. She’s off and running. She’s even bought some scripts.

I describe my similar experience this week plus tell her about our listener Kerryn clearing up what she meant when she called us “raw”, about a new client who whizzed through my marketing funnel at breakneck speed (when it’s right it’s easy) and that I’ve opened my account at Substack in case I want eventually to monetise my newsletter by splitting it into two levels, free and paid.

Our Words of the Week are Ideas (hers) and Prosperity (mine).

In project updates, I tell Nicola about the two wildly different valuations of my BTL in Worthing I want to sell, and also about my lender’s “right to consolidate”. This is interesting from the prospect of being a property investor, and the right to consolidate is a hangover from the Credit Crunch when my lender was bailed out by the Government. That lender has since been sold so I imagine they have paid off the taxpayer and that I will no longer be stymied in my plans for selling one, not all, of my properties in order to get my hands on my capital gain.

Nicola is impressed by her new find in Neil Gaiman, and me by Allison the podcast’s latest Patreon. If you like our podcast and would like to become a patron too, you can do that at


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