How Can I Learn To Be Grateful For What I’ve Got?

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to guest on a webinar for Sue Okell of answering questions about the practical matters of abundance and flow and what I like to call the more woo woo or esoteric aspects. Here’s my favourite question of the night and my answer.

How can I learn to be grateful for what I’ve got, rather than focusing on what I don’t have?

This is the million dollar question. And blissfully not only is the answer easy but it is the answer to all the other questions which concern getting into flow, removing blocks, allowing, smoothing out flow, how to end the stop/start cycle, letting go of fears and lack and limitations, having an abundance mindset be easier, becoming more positive, attracting abundance and more.

The answer has several steps. Warning: These words make it sound simple and indeed it is, but only if you practice these things on a daily basis every day for the rest of your life. Don’t stop once you see it start to work.

1.  Create a daily habit of your gratitude. Be grateful for everything you have. Either say it out loud in your prayers, or before you drop off to sleep, or write thank you letters, or journal it, or list it, or tell people how grateful you are, or end your emails “in gratitude” or put it online at or get a gratitude jar – who cares! Do it, do it daily, do it all the time, choose to live in that place and from that place. Gratitude kick starts everything. If you skip this step, you may never be able to create abundance for yourself except by accident.

Do it most particularly when you are feeling in a low place. Acknowledge the abundance in your life every day without fail, like saying Grace. When it’s hard, go for the roof over your head, the food on your table, and the simpler the pleasures you can list the better, the breeze on my face through my office window is one of my favourites, listening to the wind blow in the trees, central heating, hot and cold running water, my bed, clean sheets, my cat, my GSOH, my broadband connection. I could run on and on, that’s the point – allow yourself to do that. Get into the habit.

2. Focus on what you do have. This is SO important. You have created everything in your life, good, bad, and non-existent. If you have good things which you take for granted, whatever system you used to manifest them also brought you the bad things and failed to bring you what you lack. Focusing on lack will only bring you more lack, more of nothing. Focusing on what you do have and feeling the feelings associated with it of gratitude, happiness, peace and contentment will bring you more of the same. What do you want? How do you want to feel? How do the things on your gratitude list make you feel? Amplify those feelings while putting your intent gently on what you do want and you’ll get there.

3. Let go of attachment to how these things will manifest. Leave that to The Universe/God/Spirit/your sub-conscious/your Higher Self. It’s none of your business, give up control, forget your ego – get into a space of trust and allowing and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Get out of the way. Allow. Open up your channels to receive.

4. Observe how many times a day you start to worry, fall out of the zone, think the thoughts and feel the feelings of lack, scarcity, fear, negativity and so on. What you are thinking and feeling is what is manifesting in your life. As you move towards gratitude, positivity, feeling the good feelings and letting go of lack, more of what you want will show up and less of what you don’t want. Cause and effect. If you have lots of the “wrong” things you are putting your attention on the “wrong” stuff and drawing more of it to you.

I am grateful to Marion Ryan for sharing that image of a gratitude jar posted on Facebook by Homestead Survival.

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