How Do You Hire a Coach? Podcast Ep 212

How do you hire a coach? That’s the topic of today’s podcast. Nicola and I debate how we do it, then we talk about how we think our clients do it and realise we have no idea! So then we have a think about how we’d like them to do it.

Nicola’s first coach was a woman who she still rates and respects today, but mostly her choices have been men and we both agree we want someone who has achieved what we want in our own lives so that we can pick their brains.

Nicola wants clients to hire her to save them time and money on much more expensive coaching packages. And I think clients hire me on the basis of what I put out on social media and that they do, to some extent, feel they know, like and trust me before we start working together. I’ve realised how important it is to me that the respect and admiration and love and rapport I enjoy with my clients goes both ways. The longer I work with ideal clients the more I realise the truth of this. Going forward I shall look for it and notice far sooner where it may never come, turning that prospect away.

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In other news, Nicola tells me about her return trip to Stoupa which was much easier than her outward one, even if it did end with a rather hair-raising taxi ride.  She’s had a bit of a breakthrough about how to handle the transition period between one VA and another and is hiring a project manager for a month to do that for her.

I tell Nicola all about last Friday’s Cashflow game which was much easier in every way than anticipated largely because it was in someone else’s home, not mine, and how that took so much of the minutiae off my shoulders leaving me free to focus on giving the clients a great game.

Our respective fires are fuelled by Nicola having completed module 1 of her Curtis Brown writing course. She also tells me about her own work book Attract 3.0.

I tell her my discoveries following last week’s show about pro blogging, mainly the surprise nature of the blog posts which drive traffic to my website, how they are quite old now, how they have almost nothing to do with business coaching but are to do with why I want people to hire me, for my interest in the esoteric and how that helps speed their business journey if they are open to it and how it is simply irrelevant if not.

Our words of the week are Questions (hers) and Solo (mine).

In project updates, Nicola tells me about how pleased she is with a huge upswing in her traffic generation thanks to her daily one-minute videos which are still working their online magic. And I tell her about having completed Monday writing day #2, what I wrote about and why.

We are impressed by a Russian cleaning lady who sweeps through the entire house with a stiff hand-held brush when the hoover is found not to work (me), and discovering and interviewing Ann Landmann who created and successfully crowdfunded Edinburgh’s 2019 sci-fi literary festival, Cymera (Nicola).


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