How Soon Can We Go Back To Daylesford?

A corner of our Cotswold garden Day 2My perspicacious travelling companion correctly identified our situation when she observed yesterday that it looked possible we may have peaked early by vising the Daylesford Organic Farm on the first morning of our Cotswold holiday, parking next to a row of three Porsche Cayennes and investing heavily in a piece of pork so that we could make a recipe she fondly remembered, Sophie Grigson’s 24 hour roast pork. You can always rely on her to put her finger right on the truth of any situation in which we find ourselves.

The recipe required us to bast at two hour intervals (except when asleep) so our little stone house has been infused with the smells of pork roasting in rosemary, garlic, chili and lemon rind for, well, twenty four hours. Served today at just after 2 p.m. with roast potatoes and onions, homemade apple sauce and gravy, carrots, cabbage and a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, it was delicious and offered us a splendid return on our organic investment and minimal food miles, which was just as well. Imagine anticipating your Sunday lunch for a whole day!

The Daylesford butcher gave us some samples of their black pudding for our Saturday supper which was pronounced the best black pudding – ever – and it was… free! Well, when you factor in the price of the pork, not exactly free but maybe the best things in life and in our holiday home are indeed free; peace and quiet, sunshine, a walk around the village, rest and relaxation, humour and friendship.

After today’s sunny drive-around to get our bearings including visits to Burford and Bourton-on-the-Water, known as the Venice of the Cotswolds and even before lunch was served, my foodie pal was asking me “How soon can we go back to Daylesford?”


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