How The Wealth Dynamics Profiles Can Help Entrepreneurs

I was recently lucky enough to come into contact with PR and publicist,  Sue Blake.   I already knew of Sue and her work with my client Suzanne Doyle-Morris on the launch of her book Beyond The Boys Club and had  recommended Sue to another writer colleague of mine.

Sue hired coach and colleague Marion Ryan of OnlineBusinessGym to create her new website after she had done Suzanne’s and then Marion, knowing I occasionally do wealth consultations for people who have taken their Wealth Dynamics Profile test, asked if I would help Sue interpret hers.   Sue is the same as me, a Creator, so that wasn’t difficult.   And in return Sue helped out yet another friend of mine and offered up this testimonial of her experience.   And now Sue and I are meeting up for lunch in March.

Did you follow that Chain of Abundance which reads like a veritable Who’s Who?    That’s how business works, isn’t it gorgeous?   Nothing more lovely than a word of mouth referral.   Suzanne to Marion to Sue to me and beyond – in both directions.   It was Lisa to me to Suzanne to begin with.   Stop!   My head is beginning to ache.

Anyhoo, here’s what Sue has to say about how helpful knowing her Wealth Profile is going to be for her.   I have her permission to share it, obviously.

“When three people suggested to me in the space of 7 days that I ought to take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Assessment, I thought I had better act on it!  The online process was easy, enjoyable and only took 20 minutes.  My assessment showed my primary profile as that of Creator with secondary profiles of Mechanic & Star.

Judith Morgan spent an hour on the telephone with me afterwards to help me see how these profiles have worked for me, and, more importantly, how I can use them to build wealth by being more in my Creator flow.  It makes such sense and I do genuinely feel that I have a better understanding of my personality and strengths on which to take my business to the next level.

The knowledge that I must concentrate on my prime profile  to be as much in the flow as possible, doing activities I love most, and which I find enjoyable as well as financially rewarding, has already set me on a course of ideas generation!

Judith was extremely insigthful and got straight to the heart of some mindset issues which I now realise were holding my business expansion back.”

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