How to Be a Professional Blogger: Podcast Ep 211

On today’s show, we talk about how to become a professional blogger because Nicola’s sister Sarah has plans to do that and I always have half a mind to go that route too. Imagine being paid to blog! How wonderful would that be? I’d love it and so would Sarah, but are we up for all that’s involved? I think I (but not Sarah) would fall at the tech hurdle; I’ve already published 1450 blog posts but I cannot be bothered most of the time with Nicola’s best tips, or not all of them at least:

“Each of your post articles should be targeting a key phrase and have some key elements to be found in Google.

  1. Simple writing and at least 800 words long
  2. Key phrase in the title, one or more of sub-titles, first para, last para, tags, alt tag on the image
  3. Multi-media. If you embed a relevant video in the post it seems to help
  4. Some occasional pillar content – long posts of around 3500 words
  5. Deep Links – to other relevant articles on your site”

LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT! The Podcast #211: Successful Pro Blogging and do note that link includes all the resources we mention in the show including Nicola’s inspiring interview with million dollar blogger, Jeni Hott, three articles about how to achieve various different levels of income and my thoughts and link to the various business models on Patreon U which I think might also be applied to Pro Blogging.

In other news…

Nicola’s got a new phone and bought herself a new coat as there’s been snow in Greece. She’s gearing up to return to Stoupa tomorrow and somewhat anxious about the return trip given the marathon she endured to come here before Christmas. She’s been out for a fabulous lunch at the Hotel du Vin in Brighton with techie and sci-fi like-minded pal, Pete, who she originally met at the local Chamber of Commerce. He’s an ace networker, apparently. Rather him than me!

I’ve had an enjoyable week too, mainly deriving a lot of the feelgood factor from my work as clients are returning after the break and starting to do good things. I always love it when I get a message which says “guess what…?” because it means good results from something we did together. That happened this week after only a few days.

Our respective fires are fuelled by all the study Nicola is doing mostly connected to her creative writing, The Story Grid and the Curtis Brown course, but also to something she’s working through with Andre Chaperon which is about using writing to drive traffic and sales to her Clicks & Leads Academy.

I tell her about the challenging your businessman who booked himself into my online diary yesterday and stretched me. He declared himself transformed by our conversation and that’s precisely what I want my work to do. All these worky conversations this week have been very satisfying for me.

Our words of the week are Catch-up (her) and Frowst (me).

In Project Updates, Nicola tells me about a glitch she’s discovered in the programming of her new passion project and we brainstorm solutions, successfully I believe although the proof of the pudding will be in the eating if you see what I mean? She’s looking for a new VA to replace sister Sarah as she sets off on her pro blogger journey and is optimistic she’s found one or two shining examples, one in the Philippines and one in Russia. We talked about how best to put them both to the test.

I report in that I turned up on Monday as intended and began my year of writing more with two blog posts both of which I felt were rather dull and repetitive but I regarded them as a warm-up exercise for the year ahead. I was pleased I met my commitment to myself.

And finally we are impressed by Andy Murray (me) and Ben Fogle new TV show New Lives in the Wild (her).


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