How To Be Self-Employed And Do Only What You Love

One of the things I show my clients how to do is only what they love. What do they have to say about that initially?

“Oh don’t be ridiculous, Judith.   If I do only what I love, who’s gonna do all the rest of the stuff round here?”

What stuff? Don’t tell me you are doing all of that already?

No.   I thought not.   Most of it is sitting round in piles, not getting done, not being prioritised, not being outsourced.   It’s just making you feel bad, making you work too long hours, its just fogging up your brain and sapping your energy.

Look, there’s no nice way to say this.   You are just going to have to learn to train others, trust them and let go.   And there are lots of options for how you will achieve that.

And do you know what?   You will love it, you will thank me and you will wonder why on earth it took you so long to get around to it.

I know you keep promising yourself you will do it – when you are up-to-date, when you can afford it, as soon as you can take a few hours off.   But it ain’t happening, is it?

Give yourself permission to do only what you love, discover how liberating, energising, productive and just all-round wonderful that is.   Don’t worry how you are going to afford it, we will find a way.   Trust me.   It’s not all about the money, although obviously I want that to be a great result for you and your business too.

A business that works better makes more profit too.   Yay!

And yes, you CAN do this.

Your Biz Your Way

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