How To Build Your Business And Boost Your Income By Blogging

Earlier this year, Marion Ryan and I road-tested a little theory we had. We believed we could take a dozen willing wannabe bloggers and turn them into more confident writers who could improve their web presence and their business results within the 29 days of February.  

The pilot completed successfully and we’ve the testimonials to prove it. Better Bloggers enjoyed the community, the encouragement, the “kick and the cuddle”. They were amazed at how much content they could create with the accountability and a deadline and just how much knowledge and expertise we could share about how their websites worked and how to use them more effectively and more profitably.

And even better than that, Better Bloggers inspired us to create an online newspaper called Entrepreneur Soul where we could showcase the writing talents we had helped to nurture.

Now we are seeking to partner with just 7 more motivated business owners who would like to learn to use blogging as the central plank of their marketing.   This is all Marion and I have ever done. As we coaches like to say, we are right in the centre of our authenticity on this one. We’ve used the written word to create our client base and honed our writing skills over the years. And you can learn to do that too.

When I first became a coach in 2002, I had no idea what marketing was. I’d never had to use it to get clients in my old accounting days which pretty much started pre web! And although I went on to kiss nearly all the marketing frogs, by far and away my favourite prince was the written word – specifically blogging, writing an online newsletter and Twitter. That 3-way combo has brought me all the coaching clients I’ve ever needed and wanted and lots more fun besides, not to mention contacts, colleagues and business opportunities the world over.

Now I consider I am an online marketing expert and I’ve learned to love marketing into the bargain. And I know I can help you find a way through the marketing maze which makes sense, feels good and makes the best use of the limited time you have available to grow your business.

Of the twelve newbie bloggers who participated so willingly with us in our pilot during February, we’ve featured eight of their fabulous testimonials in our sales letter for our Blogging Partnership opportunity, two of them have gone on to pay to continue blogging with us for the forseeable future and a third has expressed her enthusiasm to do so.   My blog today is addressed to those of you we had to turn away and those who couldn’t make themselves available at short notice to participate. While we will be back around with this offer again soon, it will never come again at this price – so do nip in pronto.

Here’s what Marion and I believe becoming a member of The Blog Partnership can do for you:

  1. Create a Blogging Habit – you know you want to, you know you “should” but you’re never going to do it without guidance, support and accountability
  2. Improve your Writing – the more you write, the better you get – there are some tips and tricks we can teach you and the feedback of your peers will do the rest. You don’t need to worry about being a good writer at the outset, your style will naturally emerge under our watchful eye and guiding hand.
  3. Build your business by allowing you to attract more visitors to your website and enabling you to get into relationship with them, explaining what you do, demonstrating what you know and allowing them to come to know, like and trust you
  4. Boost your income as you grow your list, ask for the business and make sales.

We have just 7 spaces left out of the first 10 we are offering at the special intro price of just £97 pcm and there are savings too if you pay for a year’s partnership in advance. There’s a No Risk Guarantee which enables you to participate in an initial business brainstorm with both Marion and me in which we can demonstrate just a fraction of what you are going to get during your time as one of our Blogging Partners. In this consultation we want to make sure your existing website and blog is aligned with your desired business outcomes and to fire you up to get blogging.

We do have a few requirements of you – to blog twice a week on your own blog and once a week on ours at Entrepreneur Soul and we will make sure that your business blogging is on track to bring you the results you desire. Our offering includes much more besides and we hope you will take this opportunity to have a look at The Blog Partnership and join Marion and me as a Serious Blogger.

Have questions our sales letter doesn’t answer? Before you commit and bag your space, do feel free to use the contact form over there in the right-hand margin. I love to hear from you, Gentle Reader, as you know.

If you love the written word, join Marion and me as one of our Blog Partners and let us show you how blogging can build your business and boost your income.   There’s work to be done for sure, but let’s get started and you will see what fun it can be, however resistant you are to The M Word – marketing!

The Blog Partnership


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