How To Eliminate Stress

Stress, stress, stress – such an overworked word in my lifetime. I’ve been revisiting Thomas Leonard’s 28 Principles of Attraction and the more I read around the topic of stress, the more I realise it affects us all much more than the little overworked word can do justice to any longer. It’s almost as if we take stress for granted and yet all around me I see people becoming ill with it. We say “it’s just stress” but that’s to underestimate its destructive power.

Here’s a list of Thomas Leonard’s suggestions for some of the causes of stress; I’ll leave you to decide where you are most exposed.

  1. If your job, business, or profession is harming you and you can’t seem to make it completely stress-free, either quit, sell it, or change profession.
  2. Make a list of ten promises you have made to others that are causing you stress, even if it’s stress that you can handle.   Revoke all ten of these promises and work out alternatives with those to whom you have committed. 
  3. Identify the three sources (people, roles, expectations of others) of your current stress.   Completely eliminate these three items.
  4. Get a house cleaner.
  5. Have your errands run by someone else.
  6. Arrange to have all bills, paper, and administrative tasks handled electronically or by an assistant who handles everything automatically.
  7. Completely resolve any legal, tax, or financial clouds or problems.

Which of these hook you or are you particularly susceptible to? Let’s try and crack them together and enjoy the rewards of a stress-free life.

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