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Cashflow I’m not much of a one for playing games, despite my proud boast that my best friend from school invented one of the best-selling games of all time, Jenga.   And I was her accountant at the time.

I did manage to invent lots of games for my niece and nephews to play on Christmas Day over the years and I pride myself on the fact that the games aged with them, i.e. didn’t stay too babyish although perhaps some of them were a tad too testing at times, like when I first became a coach!

I always hated Monopoly and am still somewhat shocked at how unpleasantly competitive I become in Trivial Pursuit.   You should have seen me on Xmas Day this year!   Shaming.

So it comes as a bit of a shock to find a game I not only like but which is better played collaboratively rather than to win.

And what’s that game, Judith?

It’s Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101.

I’m hosting a series of six games in London with The Money Gym right now and we played last Friday evening so you’ve missed the first one, but never mind.

What does Cashflow teach you?

How to understand your relationship with money.   Are you just lurching from paycheck to paycheck?   If so, what to do about it.

How to play the game of money more boldly – at first on the board and then in real life.   This is how I persuaded myself it was “safe” to buy my first Buy-To-Let property.

How to make enough passive income to get out of the Rat Race.   What this really means and how easily it can be achieved in YOUR real circumstances.

How to evaluate investment opportunities – how to do well from your good choices, and how to survive your bad ones.

How tithing helps you to make more money.

Why having babies slows you down!!!

How helping others and working in teams helps you to profit too.   One up, all up.

How to focus on what you want and solidly move towards achieving it.

How to practise your dice-throwing skills to increase the chances of throwing the number you need.   Think Las Vegas professionals.

How “woo woo” has a place alongside maths, spreadsheets and deal evaluation skills.   Energy matters.

What constitutes a good deal and what a bad.

How to try on living your own personal game like someone else – Brendan Cole in my own case. Yours might be Duncan Ballantyne for example.   Anyone can do it.

What terms like leverage and ROI really mean so they are not just financial jargon to you any longer.

How learning about money can be fun and life-changing.

When to pay off debts and when to gear up (borrow more).

Why you are always hard up.  Doodads!

When to save money, how and why.   Have you always been a spender?   Me too!

How to get into a deal with no money at all.

How to make money from deals you cannot afford to do.

Learn how to earn and spend differently, better, so you become wealthier.

How to get happy about doing “the paperwork”.   Income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, just like real life.

And more, much much more.

Would you like to come along and learn all of this, join in the fun, meet other like-minded souls and play the game of money to win, to collaborate, to change your relationship with money, to increase your own personal cashflow inwards?   And have a cracking night out too?

Good.   Then you’ve come to the right place!   As ever.

If you can make it to London on any or all of the following dates, I will enjoy teaching you how to play Cashflow.   Or, if you have played before and would like to share your knowledge with others, why not take a turn at leading a table of five players and being the banker/facilitator?

  • 12th February
  • 13th March
  • 24th April
  • 14th May
  • 11th June

We play at the Southwark Rose Hotel, Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HH.

It costs £20 for each game or if you want to buy all five (much recommended to consolidate your learning), then you can bag a bargain at only £90.   I won’t be able to discount the games after next week.   YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE, if you just turn up on the night I cannot guarantee you a seat.

Do encourage your friends and significant others to come and play too, although we will probably split you up at our games tables.   Its better you learn to play separately first and then later you can apply that learning to your joint finances.

Thursday games start at 6 p.m. and Friday games start at 5 p.m.   Bring supper snacks with you if you wish and plan for the event to last four hours.  Tea and coffee laid on.

See you at Cashflow 101 with the Money Gym!   Book here and book soon as we can only fit in 15-20 players.

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