How to Manifest A Thing: Find an Angel and Allow for Magic

Pam Grout E-SquaredI am working my way through the real life energy experiments in Pam Grout’s book called E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

I told the story in an email I wrote last weekend to my Money-Making Magic group which explains how I got on with Experiment #4 and I’m sharing this with you too, below. I already like this book enough to know that as soon as I have finished reading it, I propose to go back to the beginning again and keep on working through the experiments because what I am discovering is that those things I think or know are easy or believable or do-able, they manifest in the blink of an eye. Those I think are harder – well, it’s obvious isn’t it – the results take longer if they manifest at all.

Today Pam’s book is a bargain at only £1.49 on Kindle at Amazon. If you’d enjoy working through books and other exercises which experiment with such things, then why not join my Money-Making Magic Google Group? It’s free and you will find the company of about 70 other enlightened entrepreneurs, all open-minded and experimenting with their own energies and angels and learning experiences and challenges on the road to financial freedom. If you’d like an invitation, Contact me with the email address you’d like to be invited in, and I will make it so.

Here’s the story of Experiment #4, me, Niki, angels, the Club 100 summer party and the purple notebook:

Hi All

I wanted to share the story of something magical that happened yesterday, a manifestation.

Firstly, a reminder. I called this group Money-Making Magic for a reason,  because I wanted to allow for the esoteric and woo woo and magic to be very much a part of my money journey, as those who know me will attest. This is somewhat frowned upon in other areas in my life and I wanted here to surround myself with like minds.

I believe in all sorts of stuff including angels and oracle cards and the law of attraction, affirmations, Feng Shui. You name it, I’ve probably experimented with it. Also, I see my clients all around me manifesting magically and with ease. So I know it’s true for them. Sometimes, often,  it is true for me too. Specifically, of late, I have often manifested a solution before I even know I had a problem. Bliss. But mainly it is easier for me to see when looking at you lot, than when I look at myself. Not that that’s the truth, just that it’s easier to see perhaps when observing others.

Janet and I have often joked over the years that the solution is always presented by The Big U at the 59th minute which isn’t often quite fast enough or early enough for me. I am a planner. I like to be prepared. The 59th minute is a tad ad hoc for this control freak. Of course, if I could relax more, think less and allow, then the 59th minute is plenty early enough because I don’t “need” it sooner than that. Only my ego does.

So, in this context, I started reading a book called E-Squared by Pam Grout. I think it may even have been recommended by someone here in the MMMGG, in which case, many thanks to you whoever you are. The subtitle is Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. I like Pam Grout. She writes well, entertainingly and amusingly to make her serious points. And then she encourages us to do real live energy thought-field experiments with lab reports you are invited to fill out.

I mentioned Pam’s book to Marion and we decided to do the experiments in tandem. Here’s what happened to me so far…

Day 1 didn’t work.

Day 2 didn’t work.

Day 3 didn’t work (to be fair, I didn’t participate in this one as it required metal coat-hangers which (a) I don’t have and (b) I once spent a weekend on my Feng Shui training doing so I already knew that one worked.

Day 4 required me to manifest a thing. Since I am a clutter clearer and blessed with everything I need, I was thrown a bit of a curve ball by this one as there was honest to goodness nothing I wanted by way of a thing. I fired off an email to Marion requesting help in finding my thing.

I have a beautiful posh pink handbag I use every day, a Mont Blanc fountain pen, diamond earrings, cosy flat, comfy bed, MacBook Pro, iPad, Kindle, central heating, hot and cold running water, washing machine, moisturiser, Mitsy my furry feline soul companion, bespoke fragrance created for me by Karen Gilbert and much more besides. I have everything I want and need. I am a lucky woman. How would I pick A Thing to manifest? Surely this would just be “clutter”? I am grateful I have everything I need.  I must confess this was a problem with the I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams I Am, I Am, I Am book too. Asking for stuff when I already have everything I want and need. Grateful I am.

So after a little of Marion’s “remote coaching” wherein I find my own answer before she has time to reply (!), I popped off to check out my Wish List at Amazon and while asking M if she thought an Amazon voucher qualified as A Thing (she did), the list gave me the inspiration I needed and I decided to ask for a notebook. Although I have plenty of notebooks round the house in stock already, I love a notebook, can always use one of those, and it doesn’t really count as clutter, not at least for the purposes of this experiment anyway.

Unlike days 1-3, I KNEW yesterday’s experiment would work because it was the summer party for my Club 100 clients and I knew the houseful of angels I was expecting would bring me a notebook between them, despite the fact that I told those who asked not to bring me anything at all because they were my guests.

The second person to arrive was the ever-abundant Niki Duffy and she walked in through the door with a purple-wrapped gift which was notebook shaped!

OMG! It was going to happen that easily!!!

No, it didn’t. I opened the present, hoping for a notebook, but I could tell it was a  book book. A lovely one at that, perfect for me in many ways, thank you Niki. I suspected she was going to be my angel yesterday. She has been my angel often in my life and me in hers. We have a mutual angel thing going on.

I was a bit disappointed but I didn’t say so and I hope I didn’t show it, Niki? I should say at this point that her gift came with a marvellous card full of thankful words which move me almost to tears to recall them. She’s a one, that Niki. Abundance is truly her middle name and what she gives out, she gets back. In spades. I love ND.

After lunch I was telling the assembled company about the Pam Grout book and the energy experiments and how I had 48 hours to manifest a notebook.

Guess what happened immediately?

Niki only produced a brand new cellophane-wrapped one from her handbag saying that this was what she had really wanted to give me but that somehow it didn’t seem “enough” or words to that effect.


You could have blown me down with a feather (about which more later). My mouth remained in an O shape for quite a long time. There were witnesses, we couldn’t all quite get our heads round how lovely it was.Oh, how we laughed (and hugged!). I spent the rest of the day on a high and still feel wonderful about this today.

Speaking of angels. Someone once told me that a white feather denotes an angel and that I should look out for them. When I got out of the car at 10 a.m. yesterday morning, in the rain, before the party, there was a white feather stuck to the boot of my car which I recognised as an angel and added to my collection. I took it as an omen. Woo Woo.

Isn’t this all wonderful?

I know that to many readers this proves precisely nothing. To me it proves everything. My thoughts create my reality. I knew I would get a notebook yesterday and I suspected Niki would be the one to bring it to me. And so it came to pass.

Am going to blog this story but wanted to share it with you all here and to remind you to allow for magic.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Dear Alice

    This doesn’t sound ridiculous at all to me, you are right on my wavelength and living my reality.
    I love your expression about allowing yourself the pleasure of knowing that you have an angel with you. Precisely!
    Thanks for reading and commenting, both much appreciated.

  2. Alice says:

    I am very interested in the Law of Attraction – I dont know if it is because I am committed to meditating each day but things are changing for me. It’s not that I say “I want XYZ” but it’s like I offer it to the Universe and give thanks for what I would like. And things are manifesting. Little things – I have my heart and sight set on a particular desire and while I dont want to put a time limit on it I believe I should.
    I really wanted to comment on the last bit of your written piece.
    I was going to church this evening and I went to open the boot of my car. Sitting on the hatchback was a white feather. When I saw it I thought – I have an angel with me. And then I decided to discount it and say – it’s coincidence. But having read your item I think I need to allow myself the pleasure of knowing that I have an angel with me.
    Before I went out this even I looked at an Oracle Card and it showed “The Wheel of Fortune” which had the Angel of Destiny on it. There were Circles and Cogs on the card – I read that as being the Cogs (like in a watch) were falling into place at their own time and the Circles indicate to me of eternal things.
    This probably all sounds ridiculous but I just thought I would comment with my experiences.
    Thank you.

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