How to Profit from Possibility

maybe-68482_640You never know what’s going to happen in business and in life. And one of the things I like to do, being an almost off-the-scale optimist, is keep an open mind about what MIGHT happen, always expecting the best.

Here are some examples of things I’ve done and my clients do where results initially appear to be misleading, expensive and time-consuming. And, if we judge them too soon, a “failure”.

  • Driving out of your way to meet someone on spec or to deliver something as a favour to your paying client/customer (looks like it might be a drag, no idea what possessed you to offer this, having second thoughts about it now)
  • Paying to have a stall at an event or exhibition with no idea how that’s going to turn out (and lots of anxiety about manning said stall, how to sit/stand/talk to visitors so as to be encouraging but not desperate, how to achieve sales, how you’ve GOT to have immediate sales from it NOW to pay for it and make it worth your while or else)
  • Public speaking (it’s a long way out of your way on a dark night and no-one’s offered you a fee for this, although you can sell your books at the back of the room)
  • Networking (you’ve been going for months/years now, you don’t like it, and nothing’s come from it though you’ve given plenty, and it feels all one way)
  • Doing good works
  • Kissing frogs (will they turn into princes?)
  • Add your own here.

What’s important? How are you going to profit from possibility?

  1. Keep your vibration high irrespective of your results in the moment/at the event
  2. Always expect the best and don’t judge apparent results too soon
  3. Do not “need” any of these activities to guarantee specific results for you within any particular timeframe (bargaining with God/Source etc)
  4. At the very least make good connections, collect email addresses, sow seeds
  5. Spread positivity everywhere you go
  6. Play the long game – many people have already made up their minds to buy from you, you just don’t know it yet. I have a wish list, don’t you?

You never know what will come from networking, public speaking, personal appearance, favours, going out of your way to help people, being visible, or connections made. Or when, sadly, given that we all want it TODAY! Equally, you don’t want to be too much of a Nice Girl and that’s ALL you do, favours for other people. In time, you’ll get that balance right. Don’t let it be all one way but remain abundant.

You never know what people saw or thought but if you were happy, confident, upbeat and doing the best you could and REAL, then it will have been positive for your ideal client/customer too.

You never know what you set in motion and which birds will come home to roost later.

Under no circumstances expect the worst even before you set out and then fulfil that prophesy of your own, just to prove yourself right or justify never having to do it again. That’s self-sabotage. Better off not doing it in the first place.

Equally, stop doing anything you hate and cannot bear to do. In my own case that would be in-person networking. I love doing it online so I focus on what I love and do that instead.

Do it all with love. You are committed to the thing now so give it your best shot. Set intentions before you go to do whatever it is, and show up with that attractive vibe of positive expectation. People will remember how you made them feel.

Even if people do not buy from you now or ever, they will recommend you to others. Make sure you’ve made that easy for people to do either by having a memorable name, or giving them a card (with your photo on it) or collecting their email address and their permission to send them your newsletter or something else by way of follow-up. This needs to be a lovely light thing, not “chasing” energy.

Networking appears to me to be the longest of long games. The clients I have who enjoy results from that report that it takes years before you start to reap regular rewards. But nothing is wasted. You never know. And in the meantime it can the symptoms of the lonely entrepreneur who misses her water-cooler moment (but only that) from her old job.

Some of the best things which have ever happened to me have been completely random and they’ve come from doing a full range of things just like I list above. Expect that. Getting out of the house and hanging out with other people can never be wrong. That’s where the magic is co-created. Go with positive expectations. Fully commit or don’t bother. And that way (not bothering) you can save your energy for what you DO love.

Monitor what works and do more of that. What works can be measured by many different criteria and will change over time. Don’t go through the motions, paying lip service to the sorts of activities you’ve been told you should do. Yuk to shoulds.

How you show up is vital. If you show up expecting good things, guess what you’ll manifest when the time is right? Good things will come to you in spades, not necessarily when or how you expect them, but good things will come nevertheless.

Maybe this time. Collect enough of those maybe moments and soon you too will be profiting from possibility.

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