How To Set An Intention

Friend and colleague, Jane Puckett, was first to teach me about intentions -v- goals. A while back, I asked Jane to write up how she sets an intention and she obliged. Thanks, Jane.

“There’s this thing that I’ve done in a semi-conscious way since I was little to attract what I want. I now call it setting my intention. To write this I have had to think about what is involved and unpick the process.

The first stage of the process is that I am attracted to something (an object, idea, outcome, person) and develop a desire to be connected to that something (acquire it, create it, achieve it, have a relationship).

The second stage is to think about what it would be like to have it in sensory terms (taste, touch, feel, smell, hear) and emotionally (joyous, fulfilled, happy, loving). I believe I always visualise this in my mind’s eye without necessarily doing it consciously. Sometimes I may write about it in my journal and this seems to make it even more likely to come to pass.

There is a paradox involved whilst really desiring the certain something, I am also prepared not to have it. I do whatever I can, practically and realistically, to facilitate the outcome I desire but I don’t go to extraordinary lengths to get it. I kind of invite it towards me and I’m not offended if it doesn’t want to come!

I almost instantly know that I’m going to get what I want and the sign is a feeling in my chest, around my heart. This feeling is a kind of expansion and a gentle vibrating like when I hum a tune. Thinking about it I am not sure where the connection gets initiated, it is kind of chicken and egg – does the certain something reach out to me first or do I reach out to it?

What I’ve written above is very experiential so to put it into steps:

1. Develop/notice a feeling of attraction towards something or someone
2. Develop/notice a desire for connection to that something or someone
3. Revel in the sense(s) and emotions of what the connection would be like and imagine having the connection
4. Do whatever is practical and realistic to facilitate the connection, but be prepared to let it go
5. Be aware of / create a feeling of expansion and vibration in the heart area of my chest that acts as an invitation to attract the something or someone into a connection with me

You probably have your own way of setting an intention. I wonder how similar and different it is to mine? Now I’ve thought about how I do it, I think Ill set an intention to set my intention more often. Will you?

Jane Puckett
BACP Registered Counsellor
UKCP Registered Hypno-psychotherapist

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Allison

    I think they have a different purpose in our lives/businesses and those of our clients.
    People who like goals, who like to push themselves and go for something and feel the satisfaction of achievement and so on – great, stick with goals, we all know they work too.
    However, I tend to agree with you. An intention is somewhat more magical perhaps, feminine (?), co-creating, allows for magic and so on.
    I know Jane is very successful with this strategy and she’s a natural at it. Janet Swift is the same, that’s her operating system too. It requires us to build up a trust in our relationship with the Big U over time, not being attached to the outcome how/when.

    I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t have both? Goals for some business things perhaps, intentions for some personal ones maybe?
    If you feel drawn to it and it feels natural to you, then give it a go. One of Wayne Dyer’s criteria is always “does it feel natural to you?” i.e. no point in going after something which you dread or already feel would be very hard work indeed and for what etc.

    I am a big fan of experimentation.
    My intention is to live in the sunshine.
    I might pick a goal if I wanted something to measure in a shorter time-frame, like web visitors for instance or ezine readers, bit like targets.

    Give it a go and let me know what works best.
    Give clients a choice and if you get a sense they are picking intentions as a softer option, see if that feels right to both of you. I know you’ll know.

  2. Allison says:

    This looks like a much more natural and attractive activity than setting goals – will definitely give it a go.

    What is your success rate (either of you) and how much time do you spend on the intention? Is it enough to do it once then forget about it and see what happens or keep going back to it and resetting your intention?


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