How to Treat Bar Staff, the Barista and Anyone in the Service Industry

Lovelies, when you approach the bar staff or the barista or the checkout person, shop assistant or waiter, here’s how to conduct yourself:

  1. Get off your effing mobile phone. End the call. This is another equally valuable human being you are in front of and with NOW. Be present to the transaction and learn to enjoy the human exchange. It is uplifting and can make someone’s day.
  2. Work out what you want in advance of arriving at the head of the queue unless the place is empty in which case they might have time and may even enjoy helping you to make up your own mind.
  3. Make eye contact with your server, smile, say something nice like “hello, how are you today?” – care, this is how you achieve rapport, a vital life skill which will take you a long way in this world. What goes around comes around.
  4. Make your order pronto using the words Please may I have not Can I get. Yuk. We don’t say Can I get in the UK. You can save that for your hols to the US where it would appear to be absolutely fine to say that. You’ve been watching far too many episodes of Friends, haven’t you? It isn’t cool or funny or clever where we live. Here it’s just plain rude and ignorant. I get that you might not know this. Now you do.
  5. Say thank you. Move swiftly on, especially if there’s a queue behind you. Say something nice at the end when you receive your order/bill too.
  6. Tip generously, especially if they are doing a job which you would not deign to do…”like EVAH”.

If you do this, you will be amazed. You will make happy friends wherever you go, and you will learn how to achieve rapport with everyone you meet.

You will get better service, nicer coffee, and all sorts of reciprocal goodies when you least expect them.

They will smile when you come in next time and remember you and perhaps even remember and use your name too and miss you when you don’t come in.

This takes nothing from you except respect for your fellow human being who is never beneath you and means everything to them in a deadly job where most people treat them like shit if they even notice they are there.

They are doing a job which the public just makes harder for them. Imagine how that feels. As a customer, all you have to do is your part.

PS You might have to try hard to do this if you are having a bad day. Do not pass your bad day on to others.

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