How To Trick Yourself Into Being Successful

portrait of a mid adult woman jogging in a parkIn all the different areas of my life, there is always one thing – a “trick” – which if I just do that one thing, success will follow inevitably.

Let me give you some examples:

  1. In my Cleaning Biz, if we just send out the direct mail postcards then all the rest follows as night follows day. The telephone rings with clients wanting cleaners, so we have to find cleaners and connect the two parties and do the contract paperwork to clinch a sale. So in that example, ALL we have to do is make sure the postcards are delivered and the phone just rings and sets the success cycle in motion.
  2. In my juicy green world, if I fall off the healthy eating wagon, ALL I have to do is get back to consuming one green juice a day even if I am eating Christmas turkey and Quality Street at the same time. Because if I do, sure as eggs is eggs, in a few days’ time I will feel so good that I will want to do more. It feels healthy, it feels good and I want more of it. So even when you are feeling like you don’t want to fast, or be healthy, or juice, just take one delicious (mostly) green juice a day for as many days as it takes to feel fantastic again and you will be back in flow.
  3. Talking to a client this week, she revealed that the marketing strategy which works best for her is face-to-face networking, specifically one to one meetings with people she has met or been introduced to. So, ALL she has to do is make sure that there are two new business meetings in her diary each and every week and the rest is like riding a bike downhill.

Various coaches and mentors over the years have introduced me to tricks like this which work too:

  • I’m not going to go running, I’m just going to put my shorts and trainers on and stand outside the front door
  • I’m not going to do my expenses, I’m just going to get the file out
  • I’m not going to go swimming, I’m just going to get in the car and drive to the pool
  • I’m not going to mow the lawn, I’m just going to get the mower out of the garden shed

Before you know it, you are running/accounting/swimming/mowing like a good ‘un because you’ve “tricked” yourself into it. Your body knows what to do once you are standing outside the front door in your exercise kit or driving to the gym, it just goes into autopilot. So the only question is… how do you trick yourself into starting?

What’s your one thing which, if you do it, all the rest just follows naturally?

And how can you tempt (bribe?) yourself into just doing that one thing?

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  1. Claire Westwood says:

    Got to first a capella meeting by bike in the rain….got the bike out and left it in the drive.

    No excuses left….hang on….checked tyres and lights (all ok – curses!)

    Then got on bike and went….

    Tra la la la la la la la laaaaaa!