Hurrah For Halfords

HalfordsI need an MoT. Oh, no, that came out wrong. I don’t need an MoT, my car does.

I cannot remember the last time I needed one of those, largely because I’ve never kept a car for longer than three years or I’ve leased them so that this admin was not my responsibility. But I’ve gone all sensible and I bought my car at the end of the last lease because it had such low mileage and only one careful lady owner.

I’ve got a couple of busy weeks, this week and next, with much bigger fish to fry so I was looking ahead in my diary and organising my time and marshalling my resources when I noticed the upcoming MoT requirement. Always one to be keen to get ahead, I started Googling to try and find an easy solution. I like my solutions easy.

  • Could somebody come to the house and do it? No, they need heavy equipment.
  • Could somebody come to the house and take the car away and do it? Yes, they could, but it is cheaper if you go for that as part of your annual service and I’d got out of sync with that.

Hmm. What to do? I have a vague idea of what needs to be in good working order to pass the test and I knew I needed a new rear window wiper blade. It had been annoying me anyway so Bank Holiday Monday was time to bite this particular motoring bullet. A friend suggested I visit Halfords. Not only would they stock what I needed, I could pay them to fit it for me. Peachy.

So I rolled down the hill and into the Halfords carpark, it was that close, and stepped inside with optimism, determined to sort this one that very afternoon. I found my way to the wiper blade selection where initially it appeared to suggest that you had to look at the back of the boxes to work out which blade you need for your car. Surely that can’t be right? There are MILLIONS of them!

Blissfully a nice chap happened by and I asked for help and he pointed me at an easy guide. Tops. He also said he would send someone to help me which he duly did. Charming help arrived and agreed with me about the blade I would need and off I trotted with it to the checkout. Blade surprisingly expensive, fitting surprisingly cheap. Bill paid and fitter called over the loud hailer “Kelvin to the checkout please, customer waiting”. Customer waiting. Love that.

After only a tiny wait, Kelvin arrived and fitted said blade within nanoseconds. I watched and next time I would be able to do it myself, but why would I? The whole thing was so effortless, I loved paying £1.99 for the speedy efficiency and helpful staff and easy parking. There is nothing I like better than when something is not only a good idea but it works as well. Hurrah for Halfords. I love them now.

Feeling rather pleased with myself, I then went on to give the car a celebratory wash. Not me, you understand, but the nice Eastern European chaps near the tube station; inside and out for a tenner. Bargain. And then guess what? As if any icing on my Easter cake was needed, I only noticed on the way back up the hill that there’s an MoT station within walking distance of my home. I could crawl there it’s so close.

For goodness’ sake. An abundance of easy.

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