I Am Abundant, Prosperous & Wealthy

I am abundant, prosperous and wealthy.

I am also a big fan of Sandy Forster and her fabulous little book How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast.   What I love even more than the book is her daily affirmations which I practice whenever I am the car.   There are slightly over 130 affirmations on a recurring theme of abundance and prosperity and I credit them as my Number One Personal Development Tool.   By that I mean that by consistent use, they have made a noticable difference in every way on my financial journey.
I Am Abundant, Prosperous & Wealthy is the first of these affirmations and there’s the whole thing you need to know in a nutshell.   That’s the outcome we want, its expressed in the present tense as we want to feel that now, we want our sub-conscious to believe that as we work together with our conscious mind to make that a reality.

Abdundance, prosperity and wealth cover an awful lot of good stuff beyond just cash in the bank or pounds in your pocket though Sandy does address these too, health, wealth, happiness and more.

I am well aware that many consider affirmations to be so much piffle but a trusted and high-achieving male client put me onto them first a few years back and he could point to the difference to the profits from his property investing within a month.   So I gave them a little bash, not a concerted one, I’m a flirt.

But then later, no idea why, I returned to them big time and chanted them daily very dutifully and was rewarded.   Then, of course, as is our wont us Creator/Scanners, I dropped them like a hot brick.   But during 2009 I returned to them again very solidly and I am enjoying the same results again now.   I find them very reassuring, calming and meditative as well as, conversely, uplifting and energising.

And this is the important bit I cannot stress too much.   They make a real difference to me financially.   Now Slackers take note, not overnight they don’t.   You have to put your back into it and do it for a month, three months, six months, all the time but this first one “I am Abundant, Prosperous & Wealthy” has definitely become my reality.

I have considered more than once if I would blog about all 130+ of Sandy’s Affirmations.   I am still not decided on that but I have opened up a category on my blog in anticipation.

Check out Sandy’s Resources here and I do hope you enjoy them, she’s lovely and she helps.   Lots of Sandy’s stuff is available for free, how abundant is that?

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