I Am An Entrepreneur

  • I AM An EntrepreneurI believe anything is possible.
  • I see opportunity when others see impossibility.
  • I take risks. I’m focused. I hustle.
  • I know that nothing is unrealistic.
  • I feel overwhelming love.
  • I embrace my childlike wonder and curiosity.
  • I take flying leaps into the unknown.
  • I contribute to something bigger than myself.
  • I create. I learn. I grow. I do.
  • I believe it’s never too late to start living a dream.

With thanks to The Flip Flop CEO.


Your Biz Your Way

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4 Responses to “I Am An Entrepreneur”

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    How cool! I guess there are infinite ways – and all of them unique – for each of us to express our entrepreneurial qualities. Do your thang, Holly. Judith x

  2. Judith Morgan says:

    Good idea, Ray. That’d work! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Judith x

  3. I am all those things… and yet, I’m happily not running my own business! (Leaves me more time to play.)

    Still, I do like the affirmations – I might have to print that out and hang it on my corkboard, too. Thanks, Judith!

  4. Ray says:

    Love the sign, very inspiring. I think I am going to have to make a copy of that and hang it on the wall as a motivational piece.