I AM Healed, I AM Healed, I AM Perfect Health

Wayne Dyer was prolific in his lifetime. The Hay House website says that he wrote over 40 books, 21 of which became New York Times bestsellers. “He created numerous audio programs and videos and appeared on thousands of radio and television shows.”

I saw him speak live many times. He was funny and clever. I always felt quite a bond with him because he told a story in one of his talks I attended about his alcoholism and regular readers may know my family has an issue with addiction. As he tells the story, he made up his mind to quit alcohol on 27th April (my birthday) and quit on 10th May (my brother’s birthday) and that always seemed significant to me. 10th May was also Wayne’s own birthday which makes him a Taurus just like both of us too.

My favourite video of his is called The Shift and I think I am right in saying that this is where I first heard him describe the concept of moving from Ambition in the first half of your life to Meaning in the second. I had already reached that point in my own life by the age of 42 so all of his stories of this nature were very reassuring to me in my spiritual quest at that time, fifteen to twenty years ago, but they remain just as relevant now. His teachings have longevity.

My favourite book of his is Wishes Fulfilled and, again, I think this is where he first introduced me to the I AMs. It’s all so long ago and difficult to be specific as I enjoy his output so much. If I could pick only one, Wayne would be my go-to guru.

Every night as I put my head on the pillow I do what Wayne taught me, I say either out loud or in my head “I AM healed, I AM healed, I AM perfect health”. I either repeat that until I feel I am done, or I go on and I AM for anything I want to manifest. Watch Wayne here for just two minutes as he describes that.

In his talks and in his work Wayne taught me that I Am That I Am is the name of God, so we invoke the divine in us when we begin a manifestation with those words. My crew also capitalise all of it – I AM, not I am. And absolutely no contractions to I’m if you want this to work!

These are the words written in the spiritual literature of the Torah which is the first five books of the Old Testament in which God tells Moses “This is my name forever, the name by which I shall be known for all future generations; I Am That I Am”.

Listen here to Wayne describe that in 2 minutes.

And then enjoy this 42-minute meditation by him too in the same vein.

Here’s the Hay House website where you can find out so much more about Wayne’s output, much of it for free.

And here’s his own website, Dr Wayne Dyer. Again, lots for free.

Once you start I AM-ing you may feel, as I do, that they are as calming as say Tapping/EFT. I’d love to know what words you choose to go after the words I AM and how you feel it works for you. Warning: As with everything I’ve been at this a while. Do it nightly for a month and once it starts working… never stop! Wayne says just do it once… tonight. But I know you’ll want to go on, as he intended.

Here’s a story from 2012 about how I healed myself very quickly using these principles.

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