The Great I AM Worksheet

Judith on PinelWith thanks to Lotte Lane for putting me in touch with Alexandra Franzen and The Great I AM Worksheet.

  • I am an…Entrepreneur Coach and Business Mentor
  • But really, I’m …The Small Business Oracle
  • And I’ve devoted most of my life to…Teaching solopreneurs how money works and how to work for themselves successfully, profitably and happily
  • When you work with me, you can expect…A damned good listening to and some brilliant ideas
  • And you’ll probably be surprised and delighted by…My effortless straddling of two worlds, the pragmatic (down to earth, feet on the ground, sensible advice, been there/done it) and the esoteric (woo woo, magic, manifesting); you pay for the first and the second comes free, but only if you have an open mind and want to experiment.
  • My work matters because…More and more people need to work for themselves and want to become self-reliant when it comes to their income
  • And I am here to remind you that…You can do it. If all these other idiots can, so can you. It’s interesting, stimulating, challenging, character-building and fun. Do it for the person you’ll become.
  • My question for you is…Who are you? Tell me about you.
  • To sum it up? I am…In your corner.

Your Biz Your Way

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