I AM, I Can, I Will

i-am-461820_640It was working with Jacqueline Rogers in her Manifestation Game just recently which reminded me how important it is to watch the language we use every day in our thoughts and words.

As I was looking through my notebook for something to write about in my weekly newsy newsletter I saw a list she gave us which I’d written down: I AM, I can, I will, I choose, I love, I create, I enjoy… good game, I thought. I wondered what words I’d follow those with. Let’s find out.

I AM surprised to find myself still living in London, given that my flat has been on the market since April and I have been in serious contractual negotiations with my current (second) buyer since July. I am having a bit of a laugh to myself today as I am writing this on the day when the three-month re-direction of my post expires. Yes, that’s right. Three months ago I was so confident I was moving house imminently that I got my post re-directed to my friend Emma and she’s been posting it back to me via my next door neighbour ever since.

I CAN help my clients become confident business owners. I was watching Gareth’s Choir programme recently, specifically the tearful Mums in Durham who were eliminated in the semi-finals. What I found myself thinking, as I watched them tearfully yet proudly describing the growth in their confidence as they participated in the only thing they’d done 100% for themselves since the birth of their first child, was that I recognised them. I thought to myself “these are my clients”. When you are out of the workplace for a while, and for the very best reason (motherhood), you lose yourself. And self-employment is one of the things which can help you find yourself again and win back your confidence. Of course, you don’t have to be a mother to follow that path, I’m not. But many of my clients are. I am a confident business owner and being in business has ratcheted up my own personal confidence and then some. Of course, over the years, it has also taken some big knocks, in business as in life.

I WILL keep up my writing in 2017. In the last couple of months I have been writing much more, blogging every week day, creating Facebook Notes and pouring out 30,000 words for NaNoWriMo and I love writing and being a writer and feeling like a writer.

I CHOOSE to eat low-carb and have been doing so since 25th September. It is going well and I have remembered how much my body likes protein. I feel really good, my body is thanking me, and I plan to keep it going indefinitely. I’m chuffed at having so (relatively) easily transitioned to a healthier way of life. Carbs – who needs ’em?

I HAVE an invitation to spend Christmas this year with my family. Christmas has often not been a happy time for me. Similarly family has not always been a happy place for me either. But this year they are colliding wonderfully and auspiciously and I have enjoyed several happy family times in 2016. I feel very fortunate in this – and many other – regards, and for their love and support.

I LOVE reading, writing and arithmetic. I especially love reading crime novels. And I am thrilled to be back in the daily routine of some half-decent writing, churning out words like a proper writer (see I Will above). And arithmetic. Well, my trusty Muji calculator never leaves my side and is produced in a trice whenever it’s called upon in a coaching call or a podcast to help someone work out something simple which will be of value to their business.

I CREATE gorgeous little coaching and mentoring groups for beginners and intermediate-level business owners and solopreneurs. I create nurturing and safe spaces for them to grow and share and learn. They, the groups and the clients, make me feel proud of our achievements together which is important for my wellbeing. We all need to feel part of something and that we make a difference, don’t you think?

I ENJOY peace and quiet and time alone, mostly to think.

Wanna play?

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