I Thought I Was a Failed Dieter But…

Yesterday I launched my affordable low-carb group.

Here’s the skinny.

Until September 2016 when I embarked on a low-carb odyssey which would eventually lead to six stone leaving my body never to return, I had thought I was a failed dieter. I couldn’t understand why I was so **** hot at so much else but that this weight thing defeated me and had done since I was a teenager.

I won’t go into here the untold angst that’s brought me. Shame. Embarrassment. Limitation. I am sure you can imagine.

But an article on the Daily Mail App and Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet book changed all that. I read the article and the book which proposed living on 800 calories a day for 8 weeks and persuaded my friend Emma to give it a go with me. We both lost 3 stone between 25th September 2016 and Christmas Day.

BUT… we strayed away from the plan almost immediately, or at least I did. Because calorie-restriction is far too diety for me and anything which is diety is doomed to fail chez Judith. I am a towards person, towards health, not away from being a tubby. I could see almost straight away that it was about carbs, not about calories. It only worked. Yay!

Then the scales (ahem) fell from my eyes.

Our goal always was towards health, not away from unwanted weight. If at any time in my life that had ever worked, I would have put my not inconsiderable weight behind that idea but this wasn’t the time for me to fail at another one of those. We kept our eyes on the prize. We reminded each other it wasn’t primarily about weight loss. And we chose to measure it in different ways. Scales. Tape measure. Clothes size. How we look and feel. It is different for everyone I work with, especially those who, like me, have a disappointing failed relationship with diets and dieting. This isn’t a diet, it’s a new way of life, a new way of being and it brings all sorts of other joys too, lots of them unexpected and all the more joyous for that.

What I realised really quickly was that I was an addict. Mainly to sugar. I come from a long line of alcoholics and guess what’s at the heart of their addiction too? Sugar. So I discovered that I share the same sugary carby addiction with generations of my family which didn’t make it any harder to lick (sorry!), but it helped me to understand why I’d struggled and failed for so long.

Two unfair facts in our society:

  • Booze is somewhat celebrated
  • Being fat is shameful

Oddly, or perhaps not, I am to all intents and purposes a teetotaller. I was rather snooty about their addiction!!

But just like them, when they eventually find their way back from addiction to their drug of choice, it is – and always will be – one day at a time for me and for all of us addicts. Where drinkers are lucky if they so decide is that they can give up booze forever, whereas you can never do that with food. But you can give up addictive carbs, focusing instead on healthy carbs which yes, the body does need. But the body doesn’t need those ones in this first photo!

In the 121 work I have been doing with clients on this low-carb lifestyle, our main mantra is just to get back on. Just get back on the wagon as soon as you can. Today. Forever. It gets easier, much, much easier. There comes a point when you recognise that with every fibre of your being. You can relax and enjoy life, lighter without your addiction.

That picture shows of some of the foods I used to eat and think I loved, especially biscuits, doughnuts, ice-cream and cake. I used to eat them in addition to a mostly healthy diet, not instead of. That was reserved only for really dark moments in my life about which there are a few funny stories I shall share with you one day when I write a book about this. But mostly the stories were much sadder. To be an addict is to surrender your power, in this case to the carby sugary foods I hopelessly craved.

The photo also shows chips and pizza and toast and cereal and crisps. I like some of those but I’m not bothered but if you haven’t read the articles or watched the TV shows you may not know that although they do not instantly look like sugar, they are sugar or rather they turn into sugar as soon as you eat them. Have you heard how much sugar there is in a jacket spud???

So I am writing with your invitation to join the early-adopter membership of my newly launched July pilot of low-carbing with Judith, starting now today, this week, this month.

But if this isn’t your bag and you are still reading, if I could give you one tip it would be to stop eating cereal and toast for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch, especially if you eat all three. Give them up, replace them with eggs and other low carb options and watch your life, weight and health change in a heartbeat. And I used that word advisedly.

Kicking the Cravings Takes 8-10 Weeks

Most of the questions people have asked me about how I did it are around how we kick the cravings and beat the addiction to the things we think we love.

And I can share this because I know how to do it now. It does require some strength initially. But I’ve done it, so can you.

The 121 clients I have been working with told me on Day One that they would never be able to kick their “love” of e.g. cake, Greek honey and red wine. They did. And if and when they choose to consume them, they know what the implications are for their body now. They are informed and can make better choices. They understand why they thought they couldn’t do without them. And they’ve swapped places with the foods which no longer have the upper hand.

Your tastes change. Not overnight. But within the 90 days, if you stick to the plan with my support, your tastes will change. Weirdly things you thought you love taste like the boxes they come in. Pret sandwiches are a great example.  I used to think I loved those! The funny thing is when this happens, you cannot quite believe it so you go on experimenting disappointedly for quite some time until the switch switches forever. It isn’t fast but it is forever. And so worthwhile, especially if you have loved ones because you set a fabulous example to them with what you choose to consume and how.

And because carbs have very sticky (literally) tentacles, they tempt you back to them with some of the most vicious strategies I have ever known, but you can and you will beat them. And you will also fall off the wagon over and over in these first few months, but as you get back on each time it gets easier. And you come to know you can beat the cravings and choose what you eat and that way lies freedom. Everything changes, including your sense of who you think you are, no more a failure.

My program will support you in that. It is mostly about a healthier life. The weight loss is the accidental by-product of giving up your addiction to foods which you believe you cannot stop eating. You can, once you understand.

90 Days to Fabulous – Join the Pilot

Look and feel FAB-U-LOUS and kick your carb addiction in just THREE MONTHS

Now that I have got to the end of the 121 work I was doing with my low-carb pioneers and learned lots of useful stuff from them too, I am ready to start the first affordable group so cost need not be a reason not to kick the carbs. My 121s are joining this group too as it will keep them accountable ongoing. And they will be able to share their stories with you.

  • 90 days, starting immediately – addictions, sugar and carbs begone! Your 90 days start as soon as you join.
  • Personalised induction call, just you and me, as soon as we can make our diaries match, today/tonight/this week if you are ready. This is so I know you and what you sense/believe* you are addicted to, and any other pertinent factors e.g. lifestyle, things you cannot eat etc.
  • Secret FB Group where we can support each other. This group will stay open forever so you stay on track after the 90 days. I will ask one of you to step up to be administrator so that it can keep on keeping on until low carb is just normal for you as it is for me now.
  • All the tips and tricks which worked for me and my friends and my clients when we were doing it, uploaded into the files in the FB group; the article, the book, the website, the shop. That’s more than you need. It is quite simple this formula.
  • Weekly drop-in calls where you can join from your computer and talk to me (recorded and shared in the FB group so you never need miss out). Send me your Q in advance if you can’t make it live or message me. I’ll rotate the schedule for those to give everyone a chance to join in live.
  • Kicking the addiction and cravings will be the whole point. Weight loss is likely to be your healthy by-product if you grit your teeth and break the addiction by saying no for the first couple of months. I will fully support you in that, been there, done it and got the much smaller t-shirt!

The price for this first pilot group will be just £90 (PayPal or internet banking, your choice) plus a testimonial at the end. Contact me to join and we will get going pronto. Just use the contact page here on my website and that’ll do it.

And please share with your friends who you know will love this too. Thank you.

Here’s Lisa story – two stone lost and cake given up and not mourned!

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