I Will Not Rebel Or Stand Up Against Any Authority by Anon

This was shared with me today. It is apparently from a wall in Brixton, South London, which is very close to where I live.   What do you think?

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4 Responses to “I Will Not Rebel Or Stand Up Against Any Authority by Anon”

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  1. Amanda Thomas says:

    Love it!! Could easily have come straight off a wall in Hackney too. The rebellion…. One of the things i miss London for… that and all all night grocery stores & fab restaurants. Ok back to the wall… Sounds good to me.

  2. Allison says:

    Love this. It comes from what I call ‘the real world’. A place where people don’t just swallow what they’re fed. Taught to me buy my grandparents, who were totally anti-establishment. One of my earliest memories is my Granny taking me to the pictures or a show at one of the Glasgow theatres. In those days, we had the National Anthem at the end and everyone stood up to attention. Apart from my Granny who stayed defiantly in her seat.

  3. Judith Morgan says:

    I love to take my extremely pampered nephew there for the same reason. I try to explain to him why Windrush Square is so named, outside the Ritzy. But it’s so achingly cool and hip and trendy now, I’m not sure he’s focussed.

    When I used to live in Canary Wharf, I used to try to interest them in the historic Docklands but their eyes were diverted to Manhattan-on-Thames. That history is now vividly being brought to life for us in Call The Midwife, isn’t it?

    Oddly, I didn’t even like history at school but living history, how things were in my lifetime even if I didnt know it, well that’s a whole other story which I am enjoying in films too these days. And therein lies another blog post!

  4. Brilliant, I’ll sign it! I love that this is on a wall in Brixton. My daughter loved Brixton, the life, the noise, the sounds, the smells…. coming from super-suburbia green belt land, it was a revelation to her. She took it all in, mouth wide open. – Sally

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