Ideal Clients for Business Coaching/Mentoring

Business WomanWhen I owned my own accountancy business in 1977 to 1997, my ideal client was anyone who needed their accounts doing. Since I’ve been business coaching/mentoring since 2002, anyone who runs their own business and needs some help, advice and support has been ideal. Today I thought I might look more closely through my current client list and identify some qualities that my ideal clients share in spades.

My ideal client is a woman who works for herself (or wants to), usually from home. Female-friendly men are also encouraged and are perfectly happy with the 80/20 bias; some don’t even notice. Gorgeous.

She commits to work with me for at least a year because she appreciates precisely how much work is involved and allows herself sufficient time for the personal growth required along the way.

She enjoys a regular opportunity to talk through her challenges with her business, and the personal ones as they impact her business. Trust me… they always impact your business!

She loves being listened to, heard and fully appreciated and to have the chance to co-create.

She picks my brains by email, Skype, on Facebook and live in our frequent calls, whenever a question requires an answer or consideration of the pros and cons, or a connection or a resource; what she can’t or doesn’t want to do alone, we do together.

She’s curious about a little woo woo alongside oodles of business know-how – and knows it’s a magical combo for her, miracles are either in her reality already or she’s prepared to receive a few now that we are working together.

She’s positive and open-minded, creative, trusting, prepared to experiment and ask.

My IC can easily afford my fees and is happy to retain me to be her business adviser on side for as long as it takes.

She’s prepared for the journey of a thousand miles and is willing to take a single step every day/week as her family commitments, health, energy and drive allow.

She cannot afford to give up, she desires and deserves a successful outcome.

She invests in herself and loves learning.

She possesses (or cultivates) stickability.

She matures as a business person and wants to keep going, accumulating more and more confidence as she grows.

She’s cheerful, but also happy to let me know when she needs extra support during the tough times. Now and again the going gets tough. She’s real.

She gets clear with her mouth open, when she talks and I listen. She’s an entrepreneur.

She also learns from others in our group and contributes to their success, one for all and all for one.

IC turns up regularly so that we have a relationship in real time. The more I see her, the more I can help.

She’s intelligent and possesses a GSOH and the preparedness to laugh at herself and at life.

She’s emotionally robust but lets the tears fall as they may, knowing that to be therapeutic and that she can trust me with her emotions.

My ideal client drives our coaching/mentoring relationship, letting me know how she wants me to support her best, she asks for what she wants. She knows I am intuitive but not a mind-reader.

Sometimes she appreciates a little tough love and is brave enough for me to hold up the mirror.

If that’s you, come on over! Let’s work together and co-create some Big Magic for your Small Business.

Your Biz Your Way

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