Ideas: 31 Days of Abundance, Day One

Abundance Fountain 1st July 2014Today I am beginning a series of 31 consecutive blog posts on the topic of Abundance, my own personal abundance. I am having a few days off work this week so I lay in bed this morning with a notebook and pen and brainstormed a list of 31 things I enjoy in abundance in my life. I stopped at 31, though I don’t believe I would need to. I suspect if I’d kept on looking, they’d be there until infinity.

Today I am abundant in ideas.

As a Creator in the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, ideas are my stock-in-trade and my strong suit, but also they have the propensity to be my downfall. They are my gift. They are my nemesis too. But I am grateful for my abundance of ideas. I woke today to two stonking ones, it often happens like that thankfully so I don’t even appear to have to do the thinking although I’m certainly not averse to a bit of brain work.

Today feels auspicious, Mercury has turned a corner which means his retrograde is over or waning or something. It’s sunny. I’m off work and it’s the beginning of the second half of the year. I’m back on the green juice and all’s right in my world and these are optimum ideas creation conditions. I’ll be off for a shower in a moment too and that will cause them to rain down upon me, apologies for the pun.

What to do with an abundance of ideas? Put them in a notebook and sit with the majority of them for quite a while until the time is right, if ever, to put some work into them. Some will be perfect just for today and require immediate action and attention if that’s possible. I would never nudge aside a good idea I am already working on for a new one, not anymore, not unless it improved my current project. Those days of my constantly being at the beck and call of the seduction my ideas are well and truly over.

Now I focus on one central project and bring all my ideas to that. Ideas that help my clients and ideas that help me to reach more small business owners so I can help them too. I sometimes have genius ideas for my clients. My clients travel with me energetically at all times, whether they know that or not, and I often summon them on Skype or email them with my genius idea in case it helps to ease their way today. Sometimes it can overwhelm them, so I have to be careful with that. The brave ones remind me. “Whoa, slow down with the stream of genius ideas, Judith!”

Creators create. We bring things into the world which weren’t there before and this all starts with an idea. Who wouldn’t be grateful and humble to have an abundant flow of ideas?


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