I’m Moving! I’m Going To Blog (Almost) Exclusively At Entrepreneur Soul

Gentle Reader, I hesitate to do this and I reserve the right to change my Creator’s mind, but I’m off. I’m off to blog exclusively at my new baby, Entrepreneur Soul.

An Entrepreneur working alone at home cannot split her focus across two projects, so I’m going to nail my colours to the mast of my new baby and move my energies over there for a while.

You’ve been good to me here at JM.com over the last few years and I’ve had a ball learning how to blog. And I will keep this site as my personal blog, a place where I can express my own opinions and tell my own story perhaps, from time to time, where maybe those thoughts would be out of place on our new site.

Over 300 posts, 90 subscribers, 1800 followers and I’ve got to go and spoil it all by starting over. But hey, I hope you’ll feel inspired to follow me over there and subscribe too, of course, and even switch your Twitter allegiance? Thanks for your support and here’s to all us Entrepreneur Souls. x


Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Jan says:

    Judith I love that you’re not afraid to grow and morph into something new. In true entreprenaurial spirit you continue to test waters that leave other floundering in case it all goes pear shape.

    Entrepreneur Soul is a fantastic site and offers a great range of posts to dip in and out of. Good luck with your new venture.

    Jan x

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