Implementing Ideas: Podcast Ep 166

What do you do when you wake with a genius idea in the middle of the night? I had one of those in my sleep on Sunday night/Monday morning. It woke me up in the middle of the night and I wrote all the notes for what would become my Blogfest on the note thingie on my iPad. During the day I copied and pasted all the ideas into a draft blog post which I later wrote up in full, and then hesitation came.

What would people think? What if they didn’t like my idea? What if they thought it was a cynical marketing idea just designed to sell my own book? What if they couldn’t see what was in it for them? What if I hadn’t done justice to my idea in the explaining of it in the blog (I hadn’t)? What if my blog post was too wordy (it was) and my instructions too complex (they were)?

I wanted to send it out into the world on Monday. But I hesitated. I was frightened of it being a failure. I wanted to consult a friend but I knew she was too busy on Mondays, also that she’d probably criticise my wordiness. I thought of another I could consult but I knew she’d find the instructions overwhelming. Better not let either of them add to my own voices of doom.

And then, as luck would have it, Day 23 of Michael Neill’s Creating the Impossible, which brought forth this genius idea in the first place, was entitled Thinking about Thinking about Failure and it was these words that got me to press SEND:

“…when you see that the feeling of failure is made of thought and thought is as temporary as a shadow, it stops looking significant or scary. There’s no need to do anything in particular to avoid it. Best of all, fear of failure stops looking like a good reason to do or not do anything.”

In the way of the world, Nicola has also had an epiphany this week and so we made the focus of our podcast all about how do you decide if your idea is a good one (you can’t until you offer it to the world) and how fast do you take action on your own great ideas? We both do it fast!

LISTEN HERE TO EPISODE #166 of OWN IT! the Podcast: Implementing Great Ideas – Fast!

In other news, I update Nicola about Intel’s  recent update called Spectre which one of my tech VAs has warned is affecting many platforms worldwide and that Tech Crunch suggests it might affect nearly every computer and device, quite the claim. No fearmongering, be prepared that’s all. In that vein, I have conquered a couple of tech glitches of my own this week, while I was sleeping, with the wonderful support of two different VAs with entirely different skill sets, and N has been clearing out and simplifying her tech too saving over $600 a month in the process too.

I tell Nicola all about my new computer, a Surface Pro, and the changes it’s brought into my working life and what a rock star I am when it comes to problem-solving. The SP doesn’t have either an integrated disk drive or any more than one USB port so I have had to employ an ancient bus station for my wireless keyboard, ditto mouse, headset and printer which is still on my list of tolerations, it having lost its ability to print without a cable apparently. One for when I am next feeling in the Tech Rock Star mood.  And she tells me about her Write Club pal who has won £250 in a writing competition for the Telegraph, I think she said. She’s already reinvested her winnings in a glockenspiel as she’s starting her own folk rock band. You couldn’t make this up, could you? Thank heavens for the quirky.

Our Words of the Week are Help (me) and Frugal (her).

In Project Updates, we talk stats – download numbers, book sales, reviews, free chapters, Blogfest participants and Selz where I can see that 174 views of my book resulted in 34 sales or 19.5%.

And finally, we are impressed by Lindsay Spencer-Matthews’ book (Nicola) called Why Clever People Do Dumb Things. After we featured Lindsay in an earlier podcast, he sent us both a free copy. I’ve not read mine yet but it is on my 2018 list of 52. My inspiration came from the film All the Money in the World which is about – er  – money, both in the film and around it, what with Mark Wahlberg being paid millions for his re-shoot scenes after Spacey was replaced and Michelle Williams being paid thousands, and how Marky Mark rectified that, but what it revealed about Hollywood and sexism, a bit like the argument raging at the BBC right now. Money. Told ya.

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