Becoming an Impossibilist

Wednesday was Day 31 of 2018 and Day 31 of the project I am doing following Michael Neill’s book called Creating the Impossible, which is intended to take 90 days. Here’s my first significant update although I did write a bit about this on my blog earlier in January when I first got going.

I decided I would make the broad context of my 90 days, my impossible project, about becoming A Proper Writer. This arose because at the beginning of January I was still rather high about the recent publication of what I regard as my first Proper Book: Your Biz Your Way.

So I thought I would make the impossible project stepping more centrally into being a writer and an author. Last time I switched careers from accountant to coach, it was a definite switch. I wanted to end the old and start the new and that took quite a long time, from about 2002 until 2007. This time that isn’t what I want to do. I am not transitioning, I am adding a second and equal string to my bow. These two – coaching and writing – go hand in hand and they are both equally enjoyable and stimulating for me. This time I want to be a coach who writes, who is at least as much of a writer as a coach, rather than my writing being an afterthought.

My first thought was that I would commit to converting each of the questions in YBYW into:

At the time of writing, I’ve done weeks 1-4 for all of those and, this being week 5/2018, I shall repeat the pattern for the fifth question.

Plus, each week I decided I would post at least one article on and submit a guest blog post to, both done. Medium is instantaneous, TUT promises to get back to you with a yes/no within a couple of months (!). I also joined Medium’s partner program where they pay you for posts which readers enjoy.

In addition, I am upping my game considerably by blogging every day Monday to Saturday inclusive, but never on a Sunday which I am mostly keeping as my chosen day of rest. I am thinking of making the Saturday posts into a special category since there is such a lovely leisurely feel to Saturday, less work-ish somehow, but I haven’t done that yet.

A genius idea about creating a Blogfest woke me in the middle of the night last week, I wrote it up on Monday morning and then hesitated overnight to send it out. What if no-one wanted to be a part of it? What if they thought it was a cynical marketing ploy? What if… what if… what if…?

I thought I’d ask a friend for her feedback but I didn’t because I didn’t want to be put off or have her tell me my instructions were too wordy (they were even though I tried really hard with them). I did sit on it overnight (as I often advise clients to do when we are unsure) and then I read Michael’s inspirational words on Day 23 about failure being all in the mind:

“…when you see that the feeling of failure is made of thought and thought is as temporary as a shadow, it stops looking significant or scary. There’s no need to do anything in particular to avoid it. Best of all, fear of failure stops looking like a good reason to do or not do anything.”

That encouraged me to press SEND and risk failure or at least to see what would happen, and so that’s what I did.

The rest is history in as much as I now have 51 out of the 52 bloggers I hoped to attract (room for one more little one on top!). This may lead to Book 2, it will definitely lead to A book/anthology even if that’s not My Book 2. And thoughts now abound about books called Her Biz Her Way and His Biz His Way (Hiz Biz Hiz Way?).

Originally I had really wanted to find a way to do a blog tour and couldn’t think how I could track down 52 small biz blogs and then my idea came to invite them to be on mine, connected back to theirs. I always find that easier, to be the organiser myself of something like this. It is coming together gorgeously. Three are published already from Jakki, Richard and Nicola, early adopters all.

The blogfest is the sense in which I am creating the (unforeseen) impossible. It’s a big job, it adds value and segues nicely with an already big job. I hadn’t thought of it in advance, it came to me in the spirit of creativity during the night, possibly even in my sleep. It woke me up, and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I did get back to sleep but only after I’d written it all down, and even then the word “anthology” wouldn’t leave me, no matter how much I called myself a nutter and tried to talk myself out of it.

I continue to monitor numbers of sales and reviews and I also sent out a few autographed copies and if there’s anything guaranteed to make you feel like a Proper Author, that’s surely it. My new obsession is book marketing which will be useful too for my clients who write and self-publish. I managed to instal a widget in my sidebar which links through to my UK reviews which, so far, outnumber my US ones quite considerably.

Still to do – reinstate my Amazon author page and get the book up for sale on Kindle.

I talked to Tom Evans about creating audio books, about which I intend to write separately. He makes it sound simple but then he is a former broadcast engineer. I would need to master Audacity or something similar (Hindenberg? why would you call your audio editing software that??), which is something I have swerved all my life. But turning YBYW into an audiobook remains very much on my project list for 2018, yes. I have no doubt that an easy solution will offer itself.

And then I realised when talking to Nicola during one of our podcasts that I could bang up two previous anthologies into my Selz shop and so I did. And while I was looking for these two in a file on my computer called My Books, I discovered that I had four more where all the content is done and some of them have even been sold in the past. With some work, I could have my Selz digital bookshop up and running within the 90 days with 7 (SEVEN!) books up for sale in it.

I’ll confess I am quite bowled over by this, although it would be quite a tall order. The other four books do need editing and updating and I need to create covers for them. And the good thing is that all four of them lend themselves rather more to digital books than print ones but, then again, you never know do you?

  1. Juicing with Judith from July 2013 (and, of course, there’s one gagging to be written about my low-carb lifestyle now)
  2. Creating a Business to Love (my first book from way back in the Noughties)
  3. 31 Days of Abundance created by Beacon from a series of blog posts in April 2016
  4. Hubris, my NaNoWriMo project from December 2016 – this one needs the most work

Only a month ago, quite a lot of this would have seemed IMPOSSIBLE. There’s something to this malarkey then.

I am becoming an impossibilist.


Your Biz Your Way

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