Impressive Women: Podcast Ep 178

I couldn’t wait to tell Nicola today about all the impressive women in my week. But the first of those is our guest Wild Woman, Mary Daniels.

Mary brings the topic of noble causes and normal people as she explains about the dangers of not knowing who you are, and the congruence between people/organisations and the visions to do good and create change in the world with their values and behaviour. She consults to organisations and helps them align the two.

Noble causes are served by perfectly normal human beings who behave in exceptional ways and this isn’t limited to organisations either, it can apply to us working at home alone. Ask yourself about your daily habits:

  • Am I being true to who I am?
  • Would anyone looking in from the outside know that?
  • What compromises do I make, how do I let my values slip, how often do I evaluate that so I can bring myself back on track?

Nicola came up with a couple of great examples in her local community to illustrate Mary’s thesis.

MD’s first book is published by Hay House and is called Wild Awakening. She’s working on her next one which is about being lost in the world which she says can be scary but great!

LISTEN HERE TO #178 of OWN IT! The Podcast: Mary Daniels, Noble Causes and Normal People.

In other news, Nicola’s been out and about having another social week in Stoupa what with dining club, reading club, a pampering day, ouzo and octopus and a birthday party, plus she’s got her eye on a bloke (described as both taciturn and saturnine) with his own boat and his own taverna.

And I’ve sailed through my MoT (or my car has!) but it wasn’t all good news down at the garage. I contemplate the occasion of my 10th Twitterversary in the same week as Wetherspoons withdraw from ALL social media. I am not alone in my social media disgruntlement, typically my more thoughtful clients were first in the queue to discuss it all with me and start to process their feelings.

Our fires have been fuelled by our recording four more guests from among the ranks of our listeners and they talked about setting up a podcast from scratch, when is it OK to surprise your clients, critique -v- criticism and Chaos Theory. Wow, eh? What a thoughtful bunch!

Justin Brooke has helped Nicola to de-personalise her ban from being able to use her Facebook Ads account and also to find a number of solutions, and Nicola tells of a couple of wins on behalf of her Be Everywhere Online 30-Day Challengers.

Our Words of the Week are Leisure (hers) and Dreams (mine).

Our podcast download numbers are up impressively again with a second spike which we can only attribute to Radio Public who reward those who send traffic to their site as we are doing with our recent switch. All-time downloads stand at 74,805 which means we have 100k in our sights. March’s figures were three times our previous normal and April’s headed in that direction too. We are chuffed. At last!

Further in Project Updates, Nicola’s working on a sales page and I can report that I have finished reading aloud all 52 of my Blogfesters. Yay!

Who or What’s Impressed Us?

Nicola got her Reading Club to take on The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. It was published in 1984 and neither of us could remember anything about it, explained away (surely?) by the intervening 34 years.

And my three impressive women are:

  1. Sarah Sellers, runner-up in the Boston Marathon
  2. Tammie Jo the pilot who calmly landed the South West Airlines plane in Philly after it lost an engine in flight killing a passenger
  3. And the calm fortitude of Doreen Lawrence who never faltered in her 18-year mission to get justice for her son, Stephen, after he was murdered by a group of racist youths in 1983.

Doreen pursued justice, she never sank to anything lower than that despite the very long journey to the truth and the eventual convictions of her son’s killers in 2012. I knew the story, of course, but it has been highlighted by a wonderful BBC documentary across three nights this week. By the time you read this, you will have about three weeks left to catch up with it on iPlayer HERE. 

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