In Love With Your Business

It has been a bittersweet week, with at least one client finishing up a series of coaching with me and another two coming very close to that end point.

This is always a happysad day. I like to think of them as graduating. And I have to warn them I shall be keeping a watchful eye on them, albeit from a vantage point slightly further back. Not in a stalker-ish way, you understand!

But clients moving out makes room for clients coming in and happily there are several nice and interesting people working their way through my induction process right now, which always gladdens my heart and renews and refreshes my enthusiasm for my work.

And Tuesday’s diary even included one returner which is perhaps most gratifying of all. Someone wants to come back for more. Yay!

Two observations come to mind from the coaching work I have done this week.

1. You are always, always, always already better than you know. I do not know why you can’t see it, why you run yourself down and provide me with such a long list of what’s wrong with you when, to my eyes, you are gorgeous in every way. OK, that doesn’t mean there isn’t useful work we can be doing together. There is. But it isn’t nearly as bad as you think, and you’ve already done much better than you ever imagined. It will be an honour to work with you.

2. The thing you might want to make a living out of can be so tiny and seemingly unimportant and you probably take it for granted because you’ve always just been a natural at it. You almost don’t recognise it enough to tell me about it but it is your gift.

A friend wrote to me this week about going on holiday to Rome and I remembered the school trip I took there in 1971 when I was fifteen. It began a lifelong love affair with Italy, but this week’s memory reminded me that I wrote up a travel piece about the trip which was published in my school magazine. I always say glibly that I wanted to be a journalist when I was at school, but that I am not sorry I am not in my adult life. I always think too that as a blogger I am a journalist of sorts, that I can write my own column and publish it online. But I had definitely forgotten that I had actual proof of this from my schooldays. It is always in there if we are prepared to go looking. The germ, the gem, is always there hidden in plain sight.

I shared with my same friend that I am very much in love with my own business right now and she reflected back to me that I pretty much always am, and that I am rarely dissatisfied.

  • How are you feeling about your biz?
  • In love?
  • Fallen out of love so soon already?
  • Blah?

Is it time for us to have a chat about it? Let me know.

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