In the Pink

Every week I write a newsy newsletter to over 1,000 subscribers and send it out at 10 a.m. UK time on Fridays.

Before I write it, I tune in and think either what do I need to say this week, or what do I think you all want to read – or both.

I’ve been writing it for more than a decade and it began life called In The Pink because that’s how we all want to feel and pink is my favourite colour. I’m not quite sure when or why it stopped being called that, but I still think of it as In The Pink.

I write about how it feels to be self-employed. I share thoughts I’ve been thinking this week mostly inspired by my current clients. My aim is to inspire and help you feel better about running your own business, more relaxed, more philosophical perhaps. I share the ups and downs, the real story of how it feels to be me, career self-employed, and how it feels to be you, my clients past, present and future.

Each month I draw one email address from my list and the prize is a free 60-minute Skype consultation which you can use yourself or pay forward to someone you know whose need might be greater right now. We can talk about anything…money, business, life.

People who receive my newsletter write in each week to say how much they enjoy it and that’s very encouraging but not a requirement, so have no fear, relax and just enjoy my words and my witterings.

If you’d love to receive my Friday newsletter, then simply add your details here and be in with a chance of winning the monthly prize too. If I fail to educate and entertain, you can unsubscribe easily at any time using the links at the bottom of each newsletter you receive.

My newsletter is the main way I encourage new and returning clients to work with me so occasionally I will remind you of the ways in which you can pay me money. It’s my main route to market and the majority of my clients come to me that way. The other routes include blogging, social media and a weekly podcast. I am particularly active on Facebook, but I think I love my newsletter most of all, and it shows.

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