Incandescent with Rage: Podcast Ep 177

I’m incandescent with rage in today’s podcast, and more about that later.

Our focus for today’s show is this wonderful quote from Jim Rohn “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”

This thought takes us in lots of winding different directions, from the logical to the illogical. The logical include how not to devalue your time by putting an hourly rate on it and how to demonstrate to your potential clients the value of your expertise. The illogical covers what Nicola and I will and won’t pay for by the hour for things such as book-keeping in Nicola’s example and techies/VAs in my own. It seems to hinge on things we either can do ourselves or think we should be able to. We agree that everyone is a weirdo when it comes to money, and we notice we have a reluctance to outsource except when it is boring (Nicola) or beyond my ken/willingness to learn (me).

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In other news, our words of the week are Live (her) and Reviews (me).

Nicola enjoyed Greek Easter a week after our own, and then a second Christmas. Worryingly, after the Mani is scoured for a turkey, the lunch guests notice the local one has gone missing. Oops. Have they eaten him? She’s on fire with how well her 30 Day Challenge is going, despite her Facebook Ads ban. Her clients are deriving enormous value, getting results, and offering up affirming testimonials. Nicola is reminded of the power of a simple system.

I talk about my clients’ low-carb challenges, having caught up after last week’s power cut and noticing (and making a list) of the things I do want in my home when next I put down roots with heat going straight in at #1.¬† I’ve also done two Entrepreneur of the Day calls this week and one of them was with Jimmy, the pastor from Seattle, Washington, a referral from Nicola. He wanted to talk about book marketing. Both left glowing reviews on my¬†Facebook Page at my invitation which was useful and gratifying.

Our Project Updates are 124 books sold, 40 blogfest audios created and 33 guest bloggers featured in my newsletter. And Nicola brings me up to speed with her re-frame about losing access (for now) to her Facebook Ads account. Not only is she optimistic about getting it back but she has re-framed how she feels about it, describing herself as liberated from over-reliance on one social platform.

In Who or What’s Impressed, this is where I get to my incandescent with rage moments. I talk about Sarah Montague on the R4 Today programme, for it was she who first coined that entirely appropriate expression when she discovered how much more her male colleagues on that show were earning than she. And then Sandi Toksvig takes the argument further with this wonderful article in The Guardian which is not just about women being paid less than men, but about how much of women’s work is unpaid entirely and how that has enabled men such as Adam Smith (for it was in his name that she was giving a lecture) to achieve what they did thanks, in his example, to his Mum with whom he lived until she died!

I introduce Nicola (via Sandi) to the Women’s Equality Party.

Nicola enthuses about Minesh Bhindi and James Schramko, both of whom have impressed with their passionate Facebook Lives, infecting Nicola and their prospective clients by telling their truth. It’s another content-rich way to create business organically via Facebook which might be useful for Nicola now while she is in their jail temporarily.


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