Clients Come in Infinite Variety

kaleidoscopeI had a rather strange and thoughtful day yesterday. Not that my days aren’t often thoughtful, but not many of them are strange. Thankfully.

Something I read and something I watched, both about gratitude, encouraged me to think about how grateful I am for my clients, past, present and future.

Not just grateful for them in a lump, but grateful for each individual client. And what I realised is that however much we all have in common, we are also always unique. My clients come in infinite variety (like all human beings) and that’s a miracle.

So there I was, sitting and thinking about each of my clients individually, in both of my coaching/mentoring groups – Club 100 and Small Business Big Magic – and that’s when the realisation came to me about the unique individuality of each client. The whole ethos of a coaching group is, to some extent, about how much we have in common and how helpful that can be. And this was the flip side of the coin.

What I do with each of my clients (though they may not fully appreciate this) is that I subscribe to their blogs and I read what they write, and I add them to my Close Friends list on Facebook which means I never miss their output and I can follow their posts and updates and cross reference with their weekly check-ins and monthly calls and keep an eye on what they are thinking and feeling and doing and I can take their emotional temperature and acquire a 360 degree appreciate of their lives and businesses.

I learn about their families, and how they choose to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries. I know about their hobbies and what they do when they are out and about pursuing their interests, whether it be art or nature or photography or all three. I know what sort of books and films and TV they like and where those cross over with mine, or introduce me to new.

I see what we have in common and how we are different and I naturally look for points where their passions and mine collide, and our points of difference.

I appreciate their uniqueness, their individuality and their infinite variety.

When I was explaining this today to Nicola on the podcast she saw an image of Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skulls. For me, it’s more like a kaleidoscope. Each tiny twist opens up an entirely new pretty picture comprised of beautifully different colours and shapes, the same but different, the same but unique.

Now I’m finding myself wondering whether kaleidoscope images repeat or if they are always unique? Doesn’t matter, my clients do not repeat, they are always unique and today I am just very, very grateful for that.

So if you are a client, past, present or future, know that I see you. I get you. Your infinite variety is enjoyed and appreciated.

You are my kaleidoscope.

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