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My nephew and I went to the movies on Wednesday, Orange Wednesday. He’s about to go to University to study Business Accounting so we thought we would take ourselves along to see Inside Job at the refurbed and ridiculously comfy Brixton Ritzy.   Neither of us could remember being so comfy at the movies, in fact I think he nodded off for a few moments.   Not to detract from the movie, just a comment on the plush new seats.

If you are remotely interested in the global economic meltdown still so obviously painful and ongoing and you want to understand more than we have gleaned from the news, then I urge you to take in this film Inside Job.   And understand what’s happening to us, our place in the food chain of knock-on effects.

There’s new news in it which I didn’t know. It’s thought provoking and ultimately a call to action.   It opens with a reminder that TENS OF MILLIONS of people (tens of millions, just take a moment to consider that number) across the world have lost their jobs, their savings, their pensions and their homes.

If you are one of them, my heart goes out to you.   This film made me decide to help those I can to recover. It will take me a while but it’s a goal I now have for myself.   It’s a film that made me count my blessings. I’ve made losses, sure. And they will slow me down by a few years perhaps in achieving my financial objectives.  But I still have my home and I am thankful.

It made me think bigger than just me and mine. It made me put everything which has happened in our little local lives in perspective and it enabled me to understand who to point the finger at, who is to blame for what’s happened to us all for surely no-one is exempt the reach of the cold fingers of recession which are still stretching outward, grasping to include more in their clutches.

Ironically, as we walked to the cinema, we passed a demonstration against the cuts outside Brixton Town Hall.   Honk if you are against the cuts. Most drivers were.   But the cuts were brought about specifically by the greed which was exposed in the film.  More casualties.   The poorest always pay.

This isn’t a political rant, I am not looking for people to blame, thought many are and rightly so.   My own agenda is just to understand.

Go see it, honest.    It’s riveting IMHO which is getting more H by the day.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Hi Action Jackson, WHAT A FABULOUS NAME, deep envy from me!
    2011 is my gap year so I’m not around much, however I’m following you on Twitter so we can keep in touch.
    I love the look of what you are up to and more power to you and your team.

  2. Action Jackson says:

    Hello Judith,

    I stumbled upon a podcast you did awhile back about communication in the cleaning business,and I found it insightful. I am a life coach and motivational speaker and would like to learn from you, one of my goals is to expand my circle of influence and I believe this is a good place to start.

    Please let me know if it is possible to meet up for a coffee.

    Much LOVE

    Please Checkout some of my clips on
    Twitter @actionjackson