Inspired Action

channel-216342_640A couple of incidences recently have brought to the forefront of my mind thoughts of inspired action.

What I think of as inspired action is when a genius idea occurs to me (all ideas are genius by the way). It might be in the shower, or on a drive, or in a dream or waking from sleep. And I have an idea, it could be quite tiny, in fact it probably will be, but inspired action is when you act on it. Have the idea. Do it. Even if it seems ridiculous or you don’t understand why you are being encouraged to do this thing.

Always follow through on thoughts and feelings and insights and intuitive nudges and waking dreamy thoughts, however bonkers, however small. You have no idea where they might lead. It might be the only step you’ll need to take or it might be the first or the next in a chain of action steps. Who knows? Don’t over-analyse it. Just do it. JFDI.

Your subconscious – or possibly your higher mind – is giving you clues and making it easy for you. Don’t pooh-pooh your own ideas and intuitions. Act on them. Get more and more confident about doing that and you’ll receive more and more of this sort of help.

Inspired action is the next step. Take it.

What put me in mind of this today?

In the recording for this week’s podcast, which goes out on Friday, our Client Challenge of the Week is what to do when you don’t know what to do. And we agreed that the first thing to do in those circumstances is nothing. Not nothing forever. Just nothing for now. And the first step after doing nothing is to take some inspired action.

If you get quiet enough, you may hear or feel what action you are being encouraged and nudged into taking. I do. It’s the next step. And small ones are good. Small ones might even be best, ‘cos we can do those. Sometimes you have to get out of your head/logic, and into your body wisdom to hear/feel the inspired action, the next step.

And the other nudge came from the work I am doing in Jacqueline Rogers’ The Manifestation Game and in each of the five weeks I have been looking out particularly for inspired actions I felt appropriate to take towards manifesting my end dream goal and vision.

It’s also so much better a way to work, don’t you think? Compared to the To Do list of things you MUST do but don’t particularly want to? If you pepper your daily actions with those things you feel inspired to do, without attempting to explain why, then I know that miracles happen easily. And it is an awful lot of fun surprising yourself.

Be prepared for miracles. Always anticipate and expect those.

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