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I was contacted by Interact earlier in the summer and asked if I would like to create a quiz for my website and social media use which would help me build my list. I love a quiz, me. And I am always interested in growing my list since writing my newsy newsletter every Friday without fail is one of the things I love to do and one of my core commitments to my readers. So I said yes. But I couldn’t join in immediately because I was writing a book.

I asked Interact to contact me again in September because their offer was generous. They were inviting me to try it for life for free and to recommend it to my clients and readers in return for an affiliate commission and they sought to impose no restrictions on my usage of either, just to tie me down to meet my part of the bargain. Fair enough. I liked that a lot. Getting your affiliates to do what they have promised to do is not always easy. Er, actually it is next to impossible unless you partner with women of their word. They’d chosen well on this occasion.

And today was the day when I decided I was well enough (post back-ache) to sit in the chair and follow all their videos and learn how to do this for myself.

I’ll confess I wasn’t looking forward to this. I don’t especially like learning new techie things, I prefer other people to do that for me. And IĀ  really don’t like learning new things from videos. However, that was kept to a minimum and all the instructions were pretty much either short audios (ish) masquerading as videos or in written format too.

I did what I tell clients to do – get accountability – by telling others I was going to achieve this today and I’d pretty much knocked it on the head by lunchtime. I have spent the afternoon testing it and although it isn’t perfect yet, it is good enough. Client feedback from testers has been that they don’t like having to scroll, and that they wanted to see all the results since they weren’t all in one category and missed the big black cross to do that with (that scrolling issue again) and so hit the back button which took them out of the site. I think I can fix that scrolling thing by reducing the size of all the images I have used to their recommended sizes or taking them out altogether and now I see perhaps why some of the examples I was given hadĀ chosen to do that.

Other feedback was about my use of the English language in two separate places and I have changed one and decided to stick with another because it is on point to my book and the quiz is a companion to the book. Here it is if you would like to have a go? I am trying to embed it as a widget in the right-hand sidebar but right now that’s giving me a lot of white space so I shall ask a tech genius of my acquaintance if she can fix that for me. You’ll see that extra white space below, which I also have plans to ask the people at Interact about too. Ah, now I see why that white space occurs, it is so that the visitor can take the test there in that precise space. Hmm. Wonder how I get it to open in a new window then, and whether or not that would actually be better?

I think the quiz looks very attractive. I chose the images to go with the questions from Pixabay rather than from within Interact where they also use Pixabay but their range didn’t give me the choices I sought. It is intuitive to use and I could create second and subsequent once much more easily now. There is a strange sense of satisfaction to completing a task which involves learning something new though I am grateful I don’t have to do that every day and I am aware that I have been doing rather a lot of it lately (rather too much?). That’s the direction in which life seems to be taking me and, as you know, everything is perfect just exactly as it is.

Composing a quiz was easier than I thought. I think three options is perfect and they tell me seven questons is optimum too and I’ve no reason to disbelieve them since they have created 40,000 quizzes and five million leads! Wow. Can we afford to miss having a little bit of fun with Interact Quiz Builder then? I think not. Let me know how you get on with the quiz?

If you would like to try Interact for yourself, this is my affiliate link. Judith’s Link to Interact Quiz Builder.


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