Intuition and Gut Wisdom: Podcast Ep 152

Today on the podcast Nicola and I debate head -v- heart when it comes to making decisions in your business and your life. Are you head all the way, or do you make use of the other fabulous guidance systems we have at our disposal, messages which come from our intuition or our hearts, our gut or our inner knowing?

This is very much on my mind as my aim with my book is to teach clients to trust themselves more and more by following their own wisdom not that of so-called gurus because I’ve noticed all that’s doing is throwing them off their centre and making them feel bad. Thoughts and feelings. I often ask clients when teaching them how to play Rich Dad’s game, Cashflow 101, “What do you think and what do you feel, and which one will you follow?”

I tell Nicola of one big romantic moment in my life when I didn’t follow my inner knowing and it cost me a decade of my life. No regrets, but my body wisdom was telling me what to do with every fibre of my being on our second date and I deliberately overrode it, being then already in love. Or so I thought.

In business and in life these days I trust myself 100%. What does that mean effectively? I feel totally confident to take almost every decision on my own and in my own best interests too. I have had plenty of practice at making decisions and taking action based on thoughts and feelings and I continue to make daily experiments involving all my faculties. Does this mean I have never made mistakes? No! But it does mean that things happened for which I was prepared to take responsibility, whether or not I saw what was to come. It is amazing how often I ask myself or another disappointed soul who has been buffeted by life if they would do it differently next time, and the answer is mostly no. We would stick to our guns, even in hindsight.

We learn valuable stuff from the things which happen to us which may or may not be a result of our own decisions. And we do have the opportunity to change if we want to. But our instincts are usually right if we just tune in. Only a muppet wouldn’t take advantage of these extra sources of wisdom which are available to all. Tune in to all clues, head, heart, gut, wherever your intuition comes from. Do share. Do tell!

Do share. Do tell! I’ve been woo woo since a teenager and am well in touch with all my guides, but I’d love to hear your stories about intuition too.

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In other news, Nicola’s had a successful week helping clients and colleagues to get good profitable and quantifiable results from being everywhere online. I’ve had the opposite experience, a very painful FB faux pas on my part which (see above) I learned from and will know better next time. Nicola’s excited about upcoming changes to her App and I’ve noticed a few appy things too, which we discuss. And I tell her about the most responses I’ve ever had to an email to my list which also happened to be my most vulnerable.

Our words of the week are Opinion (mine) and 30,000 thirty thousand (hers) which neither qualifies as a word or even as one word!

During project updates, she lets me know some fascinating stats about how well the podcast is doing, download numbers impressive and we are being seen and heard in all sorts of new places thanks to YouTube and Player.FM. And I tell her I got my first copy of the book off the the head of my proof-reading team and she reported that it had kept her up till 2 a.m. I hope that’s because she’s enjoying it,  not because it is riddled with typos!

When it comes to who’s impressed us this week, again it is Marzi for me, my beautician who weathered the storm in the Facebook teacup well, better than me in fact! And Nicola tells us about the upcoming Think and Grow Rich movie and reminds us about Pay With A Tweet.

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