Invest In You: Extreme Self-Care For Small Business Owners

What is Extreme Self-Care and why do you need to practise it as the owner of your own small business?

ESC is the art of going out of your way to invest in you first because you are the finest asset in your business.   Think of  those who depend on you and the income you generate.   What would your business be without you?

Feed and nourish your mind, body, spirit, creativity, energy. Do stuff that makes you sing, and shine and excel.   Prioritise what’s really important to keep in the zone and do it first before the demands of the world and your work kick in.

It’s a simple formula and I see my clients getting great results from it when they do it.

When we identify and commit to our own routine for spiritual self-care and the stuff that makes us feel really, really good for no reason at all – guess what? Our business works better too.

Your Biz Your Way

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