Invisible Wins

I was already going to write a blog post on this topic today – invisible wins – when a second example came into my life.

The first example came via a very wise client who told me that she’d done a workshop that she would, in hindsight, liked to have charged more for. Not much more and she would have been in profit, given the amount of studious work in advance, travel to and from, and presentation on the day. Wear and tear. Yup, I know. Psyching yourself up and prepping to present to your public, a profit is the least you’d enjoy.

But the Wise One reminded me something I teach all my clients all the time on such occasions, that there are many wins from opportunities like this and most of them can be invisible.

They include:

  1. Building your network – getting out and about, new people are able to find out about you and enjoy you and your creative/arty/clever/wordy content.
  2. Growing your list people will now visit your website and sign up to hear more from you. You can even collect their permission to do that on the day.
  3. Rising your profile you are now a speaker/presenter and you are more visible and you may be asked to do more of the same. More people get to know about your existence and tell their friends too.
  4. Feeling good about yourself and your work usually there is a relief when it’s all over and most audiences are kind and want to hug and thank you!

These are all solid reasons for doing anything like a public appearance at any stage of your business development/career and why people do it at all and go on doing it as their audience ages and changes, with new people always coming into your marketing funnel (apologies for horrid jargony expression, you can just think of it as meeting nice people and them meeting you too).

The fact is that the lonely entrepreneur likes going to stuff to hang out with their peer group of others just like them and that’s where you’ll find the extrovers, the supporters, the dealmakers and the stars.  So this is worth doing, for the sake of your business and your brand, even if you don’t yet think of yourself as a brand. You are a micro brand and it is your job to love it and shine it up and share it.

The second example came today during the recording of next week’s episode 117 of Own It! the podcast when Nicola and I were debating whether or not to create some books on Amazon out of the 18 Laptop Lifestyle interviews with did last summer.

I was very focused on the bottom line, how many sales would it take to make back the $360 transcription costs for each of the three books of six interviews after deduction of Amazon’s percentage and VAT on the kindle version? We didn’t know at the time of our recording, we will investigate further. My calculator finger is itching!

But profits are not the ONLY reason for doing something, however important it is to me that you show me the money. Once an accountant…

Being a “bestselling author” on Amazon requires selling far fewer books than you might imagine (and that in itself gives me pause, BUT…). It can give you a platform from which to speak and sell, it might raise your profile and the perception of you as an expert. Amazon books could upsell to our audio recordings and increase the audience of the podcast too. As you will see, many of those are invisible wins and maybe even forever immeasurable, intangible.

So no need to be too literal about profits necessarily. And equally no point in rushing off into busy activity just to look or feel good.

Somewhere in between there’s a sweet spot which does your business good and which you will enjoy. And often the wins from that are invisible until you try.

After all, who hasn’t had some “miracle” business come from just one tiny magical connection, both online and off? I LOVE those, me. I had one yesterday in fact. And (hush my mouth) it was profitable too.

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