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Today’s post is such fun because Irene is new to the Club 100. We met when I was interviewed by Nicola Cairncross on her podcast for The Business Success Factory. Nicola hooked us up and the rest is history. I thought Irene was just phoning for a chat, as Nicola recommended, so we could get to know one another but it turned out she wanted to join the club. Here’s Irene in her own words:

Irene Liddle 2 (sml)I am Irene Liddle, and under the guise of “Building Top Companies” I work with established business owners throughout the construction sector from architects to fencing contractors.

People often think it’s an odd niche for a, dare I say, getting on for middle aged female. I started work in the building game at the age of 6 by helping out in my Dad’s joinery workshop. It stemmed from there I guess.

I became a mother at 17 and from the age of 18 worked full time, with my day starting at 6am, getting on 3 buses to drop my son off at the child minders before doing a full day at work, then returning home by 8pm. Rinse and repeat 5 days a week. Looking back, I am not sure how I did it but I was certain I’d never be a part of the stereotyped single parent on benefits scene.

From the day I started work, I fell in love with whole concept of business, and in a nutshell, my role now is in helping business owners to build a brilliant one.

My unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience in business support activities are critical to every businesses success, and these areas are often overlooked by those running companies in the construction sector who excel in their technical ability.

Business improvement is my love and I do an outstanding job helping my clients to improve upon their current leadership, management and marketing skills and activities. I often find the unadvertised bonus of working with me is their life in general improves along the way 😉

I started my own business because the company I worked for was brilliant, but had grown too big for my liking (I had 500 people to look after, from only 50 when I joined) and I craved to work with smaller organisations once again.

I remember my first few months (years!) of self employment being scary. I had just left my well paid job I loved with lots of benefits at the beginning of the last recession – friends and colleagues thought I was mad.

Those first few months were hilarious too. Like the time when I placed my first order online for stationery, when I had been so used to going to a fully stocked room full of everything my heart could have desired, and if it was not there, having one of my team members get it for me!

My best moment in business so far is when a client I coach won a national business award, judged as being the best SME business within the construction sector. I felt like a proud mother. The guy who owns the business has come so far and developed so much. I am excited for his future and feel blessed to be continually working with him as I always encourage moving towards the next level in business and life. We have such a laugh too; quite often it could never be described as “work”.

I am immensely passionate about business, and often say I love business like most my clients love their football team.

An avid learner too, this works out so well for me and my clients. I learn new things, and take the best of what I have learned and implement it in their business. It’s like they hire me, but get the skill set of 10 different professionals.

Describing me in a few words …..Positive – Calming – Enthusiastic – Loyal – Life Lover

I believe there is nothing more important than feeling good and my current mantra is Love Life, Live Passionately.

The next few months are going to be brilliant for me (and my clients) as I focus on building a network/mastermind group. Launching early next year, I will be working exclusively with just a few handpicked clients so that I can deliver more value and positive impact than they ever thought possible.

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Irene snaffled herself a canny bargain by joining Club 100 during August 2014 at just £100 pcm. The price to new members goes up on 1st September 2014 to £150 pcm. The price at which you join remains the price for the lifetime of your membership. Now’s the time to join Club 100 and work in a mastermind group alongside the wonderful female business owners I am showcasing in my blog during August.

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