Podcast Ep 87: Becoming Irresistibly Attractive (to Yourself!)

It’s been a while, but this week in ep 87 of the podcast we return again to Thomas Leonard’s 28 Surefire Strategies for Business and Personal Success, specifically #8 which is all about Becoming Irresistibly Attractive to Yourself.

Do things that make you feel good and proud of yourself. Ask yourself “What am I doing in my life that’s unattractive to me? Are those things benefiting me in ways I could eliminate? Is there anything that used to be OK but is bad for me now?” Stop trying to meet other people’s expectations. Start meeting your own. Be yourself.

  • Do something good for someone who “doesn’t deserve it”
  • Give something away where you would normally charge
  • Admit something important that you haven’t, but need to
  • End a habit or practice that you don’t feel good about
  • Identify the one quality you don’t currently have that you really want to have, then take 30 days to develop it.

SurpriseIn other news we talk about the big upset in the tennis, no surprise by the time you read this and/or listen to the podcast, Djokovic is out in week one which makes it Much More Exciting, to me anyway. And I’m feeling very global with people in my inbox from Australia and New Zealand.

Nicola’s soaking up the sun in her garden, binge watching Game of Thrones and getting her hair done as her own personal healing journey continues.

I’ve been celebrating clients charging what they are really worth which reminds me what I teach all the time, that sales are easier at the top end and so is running your own business as you attract clients and customers who can easily afford you and understand your worth and demonstrate that they appreciate your value by investing with you.

We’ve been writing sales letters and enjoying it. Our words of the week are Surprise and Launch. Nicola’s re-building her online community, having missed it, and (at our recording date of 6th July) I’m about two weeks away from my house move. I run through a list of all the tasks I’ve ticked off my list towards that adventure beginning.

Nicola is impressed by Member Mouse and me by the little tiger who is buying my home, she’s not afraid or anyone or anything. I’m going to channel her energy and her MO.


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