Is the Internet a Force for Good or Evil? Podcast Ep 204

In today’s show, Nicola and I debate whether or not the internet and social media combine to be a force for good or evil. Nicola believes the internet is what you choose it to be and votes good at 90%. I am more unusually downbeat and my percentage is closer to 50/50 or even 60/40 with evil winning out. Certainly what Mr Berners Lee had in mind when he gifted it to the world was not a profit centre for some of the most powerful companies in the world, more a way for the global village to connect in good and life-enhancing ways.

We debate the pros and cons. There are plenty of pros for us two including friendships, networks and clients the world over, access to a wealth of information and the ability to earn a living wherever you can get access to WiFi. Nicola is surprised more young people working dull minimum wage jobs do not take advantage of it to create their own “jobs” and employ themselves for money.  I am concerned for the young, the old, the lonely and the vulnerable and the less tech-savvy who are at risk of spammers, scammers, fake news, trolling, bullying, disinformation and isolation. That explains my word of the week.

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In other news, we are both recovering nicely from the bug. Nicola’s been out and about in Stoupa for dinners and Write Club and making the ladies laugh with her transposing Edward Hopper to Paris and reading aloud her words in a “French” accent which they confused with Glaswegian!  I’ve had the cleaners in and am feeling a lot better and healthier for it, and Eric fixed Outlook for me so normal service chez Judith is very nearly restored. It has been nearly two weeks. That’s quite a devilish bug.

Our respective fires have been fuelled by N returning to getting her vzine out as before, and accepting a challenge to create some daily one-minute videos, both of which means work for Phoebe (her daughter) and Sarah (her sister). I am chuffed that on the day after my illness when I felt well enough to get back on to the low carb way of eating, two of the members of my Baggy Trousers group reported in with great results AND I taught the principles to a podcast listener who lives in Africa where she can’t even buy meat. Wow, that’s going to make it a bit harder for her but I left her highly motivated and she’s the sort of woman who rises to a challenge anyway. All good.

Our words of the week are Punctuation (Nicola) and Discernment (me).

In Project Updates I tell Nicola that I can already feel myself strolling downhill towards Christmas and that I sense that’s a good thing as 2018 has been a hard year for me and the bug has certainly taken it out of me too. Nicola plans to ignore the C word though she will be in England for three weeks. Her project update news is all around a vicious cull of her LinkedIn contacts so she can better network online with fewer.

And finally, Nicola is impressed by Dark Heart and Tom Riley which she says is a compelling watch. And she loves Dalton Harris and Nile Rogers on X Factor. I loved Michael Buble on Graham Norton, so good it led me to watch him again on YouTube over the weekend which in turn led to Carpool Karaoke and his latest new music.

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